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Hair Careers Guidance

The hairdressing industry is well suited to creative individuals who have a keen sense of style, are interested in fashion and have the enviable talent of being able to visualise what the end result of their creative work is likely to be. In many ways hairdressers are like artists only our hair is their preferred canvas.

In recent years dramas like cutting it and reality documentaries like The Salon have glamorised the industry even more so and add to this the infectious talent and magnetic personalities of celebrity stylists and it’s no wonder hairdressing is a popular industry to enter.

Job Opportunities are plentiful and potential earnings very good indeed for those that have the drive and ability. But all future budding celebrity stylists have to start off somewhere and particularly within the hair industry this is as a hair salon apprentice or by attending a hair course offered by a college.

In between doing shampoos, making coffees and sweeping hair off the salon floor the hair apprentice will learn the basics of the craft and qualify as a stylist. If you're interested in becoming a stylist then make sure you read some of our articles written by experienced stylists who share their experiences of working on the salon floor and also give advice on how to get started in the industry. Check out the trainee apprentice and salon junior jobs being advertised on Hairandbeautyjobs.com

Once they have gained their NVQ level 2 in hairdressing the newly qualified hair stylist will probably look for their first job placement as a junior hair stylist and then work their way up through the hairdressing hierarchy. Some qualified hairdressers will be all rounders both cutting, styling and colouring their client's hair whilst others will operate as specialists gaining employment as either colour technicians or perhaps as hair extensionists.

And for those stylists who find their customers aren’t prepared to undergo the full extent of their creative prowess there are numerous opportunities to work on the creative teams responsible for styling the hair of models on fashion shoots, shows and glossy magazines. Not to mention the opportunity of participating in fiercely competitive inter salon competitions to determine who the creme de la creme of the industry are. To view the latest hair jobs on Hairandbeautyjobs.com click here

If you’re interested in learning more about the different job types available in hairdressing together with what training and qualifications will help with your chosen career in hair  then simply select from the articles listed here or look at the hair job profiles listed in our career doctor area of the site.

Challenges that exist in the hairdressing industry

Kirsty Brown states all the biggest challenges that you may come across within the hairdressing industry, and gives some great tips on how to remain current and profitable when times are hard.

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Be a cut above the Rest

To be a 'cut above the rest' takes great skill in an industry that is continually developing and changing. Read the attached article from Calderdale College on how to enter this fascinating industry.

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A Job as a hairdresser

If you're considering a career as a hairdresser but want to find out more then read this simple guide on what a hairdresser does and the qualities needed.

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