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Visagist Clinic

Visagist clinic - Norway

Norway is considered to be the best country to live in on a global basis, according to UN.

Take a look at our website:

We also run Beauty&Hair school. We are prominent selling inventory, equipment and tools to the beauty business: www.salon.no

We are a group of highly skilled individuals who aim high and want to provide only the very best to our customers.
We moved into our clinic (200 sq m) on the 15th of March 2011 and opened formally mid May 2011 and end july 2012 we moved to our new location of 550 sq m, which has now (1st of april 2013) been increased to 1.100 sq m making us - one of the biggest - if not biggest - beauty clinics in Norway.

To this point (in only 2 years) we have close to 2.000 customers in our portfolio who are avid users of the clinic, where many of our clients drop in 3-4 times a week or even more often.

Currently the clinic consists of 11 treatment rooms but can be increased to total of 28-30 treatment rooms.

Our rapid growth has shown that our concept is here to stay.

Our opening hours:

8.00 - 21.00 mon-thursday
8.00 - 18.00 friday
10.00 - 18.00 saturday

We are simply a good concept you will not regret joining. We keep huge focus on personality traits of those who are working as we want our customers to feel welcome and want to re-visit.

We run the clinic with focus on clean and clinical environment - with a cozy touch. All of us wear lab coats and raise the image of the concept in the way we run it.

We emphasize that there are no primadonna's working at Visagist - only a warm and welcoming environment - for the clients and ourselves working here.

We have managed to bring a little bit of spirituality into the concept and focus a great deal on the fact that beauty does also come from within.
We are special when it comes to marketing. Our concept has grown rapidly as we keep a huge focus on marketing and IT, parallell to carefully chosen co-workers who work well together.
We look for you who are talented within your area, have a warm and welcoming personality, want to aim high professionally and might just as well be running your own Visagist clinic in the future as we intend to franchise the concept.
Massage therapists, beauty therapists, makeup artists, permanent makeup artists, nurses, hairdressers, office staff, marketing & IT.

Visagist Clinic - Norway is considered to be the best country to live in on a global basis, 
according to UN.

Treatment room


Happy customer heading home

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