10 myths about hair stylists

Published on: 12 Jun 2017

There are opinions of certain professionals we dare not question like:

Hair stylist

Yes. You read that right. The hair stylist. They’ve become your confidante, an unauthorised counsellor and are also in charge of your glory - THE HAIR. It's obvious that people visit the hairdresser/hairstylist to:

- fix the hair
- add a new colouring
- get that perfect haircut
- make their hair look like your favourite TV character
- finally get the chop because you want to rebel against a societal standard that every woman must have long hair like Rapunzel - HELL NO.

GET READY - these 10 myths about your hairstylists are getting busted right NOW:

Your Trusted Off The Shelf Hair Shampoo and Conditioner Are Your Hair Enemy

Really. The key to using any shampoo and conditioner whether cheap brand or bespoke is making sure that it is suitable for your hair type. If it’s not giving the desired results that you need, then look for that product that understands your hair problems. You need to know the ingredients in the products and you must read the label.

I’m yet to read a scientific report that states - cheap shampoo and conditioner are not your hair’s best friends.

The Hair Commandment - Thou Shalt Trim Your Hair Every X Weeks

Hair trimming makes hair looks neater and helps to keep split ends at bay. However, knowing how 4 to 6 weeks comes round so quickly,  makes this habit a very expensive one and not forgetting time-consuming. Unless you sleep with the heating rod or colour your hair like crazy, you don’t need to trim all the time.

The exception to this rule is if you are prone to split ends or you are trying to grow out a hairstyle or colour then it becomes necessary to get a trim every so often.

There’s no product that will fix split ends. If you could understand the reason why had split ends in the first place, that will help you to prevent it from happening in the future. The hair is already splitting, so the best thing to do is to TRIM, TRIM and deep condition the hair. These are the best preventative methods. Split ends happen because the hair is unhealthy, brittle and is lacking moisture.

Over Shampooing Is Bad For Your Hair

I love to SHAMPOO, RINSE and REPEAT. Some people say that such behaviour is bad. This is very subjective. At the end of the day, when shampooing your hair, you are the only one that knows how dirty your hair is. And sometimes you need to shampoo more than once to get rid of product build up. The rinse and repeat are sometimes necessary so that other products added afterwards would work much better.

You Need Juggernauts Of Styling Products

This is up my alley. I like using multifunctional products. Imagine having to travel with the entire contents of hair products from Tesco, how much excess fee would you end up paying? A lot, I would imagine.

You don’t need leave-in-conditioner, dry shampoo, Dyson hair dryer, styling spray, texturizing spray, styling cream and a hairbrush with built-in ions to achieve great looking hair.

One or two carefully thought out after haircare products are all you need and a good old hairspray if you are looking for volume.

Everyone With Fine Hair Must Go Short

Short hair is not for everyone just like long hair is not for everyone. The key here is to know what would work for your facial shape and your lifestyle. These days, there are a lot of volumizing products to use to achieve big hair, if that’s your hair concern. Alternatively, you can add a hair piece that gives the look and appearance of wearing real hair. So, unless you choose to spill the beans, no one will know.

The hair police are therefore telling you to keep your hair long or short because they want to. Regardless, always ensure that your hair is well conditioned, trim frequently (if trying to grow out a style) and try to avoid using heat styling tools as much as possible.

100 Brush Strokes Equal Healthy Looking Hair

Who doesn’t love brushing their hair? The feel of gentle brushing on the hair is good. But who has the time to sit and be counting when 100 brush strokes are completed? You need to find a balance and everything in moderation is the key here. Try and work out your ideal number of brush strokes and stick to it. Brushing is good because it prevents hair from tangling and stimulates the hair follicles. Just like with our children's hair, simply use your fingers (for the initial detangling and brush to gently work the hair). The result is nice and smooth looking hair.

Remember DO NOT over-brush.

Regular Hair Washing Is Bad For Your Scalp

This is what gave rise to the dry shampoo movement. It all depends on your lifestyle. If you work in a place where you are sweating daily, then perhaps every other day hair washing may become necessary. The only problem lies in the strength of the product being used and if you are using a heating tool to dry your hair.

If you are using gentle hair products (enriched with essential oils) and air drying your hair afterwards, you have nothing to worry about.

Letting Your Hair Down Before Bedtime Makes Hair Grow Faster

This is really a funny one, because it is far more comfortable to gather your hair into a soft bun, do a twist up with soft clips rather than letting loose or pulling the hair too tight. With the products we apply to the hair day in day out, the product can leak from the hair and onto the face. This can cause acne if your skin is sensitive as well as causing the hair to tangle.

Animal Protein Is Better Than Plant Protein For Hair Growth

Truth be told, hair growth and loss patterns, including condition and quality of the hair are pre determined partly by our genes. External factors that can also have a negative contributory effect are: nutrient deficiencies, stress, hormonal changes, poor circulation, thyroid problems and much more.

At the end of the day, some foods are better for certain nutrients than others. Do you want to remain as a carnivore? If yes, then look for the meat in that category with a good source of protein. Do you fancy a vegan lifestyle? If yes, try these plant protein rich foods like: spirulina, hemp seeds, chia seeds, raw plant protein powders and many leafy greens.

Edible Food Is The Best Conditioner For The Hair

We’ve all heard or read how someone has been able to experience hair growth by using foods like olive oil, avocado, egg or coconut oil. And somehow people now think that such foods are far better, if not superior to commercial conditioner. This isn't entirely true. Whichever one you decide to go for, remember that they mustn’t contain harmful ingredients such as alcohol, silicones, parabens or sulphate.

Using food as hair conditioner can make your hair greasier. At the end of the day, the ball is in your court -  whether you go for homemade conditioner over a commercial one.

In Conclusion

Sitting in front of the mirror in the salon shouldn’t feel like you are in a judgement seat. There’s no shift in power from the customer who wants beautiful hair cut to the hairstylist offering the service. Rather it is an equal partnership where the professional hair stylist and the customer hope to create a balanced outcome. The ideal balanced outcome is where the hairstylist knows the client’s hair needs through the feeling of the hair and always listening to the client. The client is happy because his or her voice is being heard and expectations were met.


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