10 Top Tips for Recruiters

Recruitment is not just about the candidate selling themselves to an employer. Employers have to be equally aware of their conduct when dealing with candidates. Read our short guide and make sure you measure up!

Tips on being a good recruiter

  • Be prepared

Take 5 minutes to read the CV and know a few facts about your candidate prior to the interview.  Show you care and are interested

  • Be on time

Be respectful of your candidate's time and effort to attend the meeting with you.  Show your professionalism as an employer.

  • Be Relaxed

Even if you are totally stressed and rushed off your feet, don't show this to your candidate. 

  • Be interested

Switch off your phone, ask not to be disturbed and focus on your candidate.  Remove all other thoughts from your mind and get into the moment.

  • Listen

Ask open ended questions.  What, where, why, when and how.  You are there to gather information about your candidate's history, experience, interests, strengths, motivations¦you can't learn these things by talking about you, your company and your job¦leave that till later.

  • Inspire

Remember that you are there to promote your company and the opportunity.  You need to make your candidate actually want the job.

  • Be honest

If you oversell the job and or your company and then can't deliver against your candidate's expectations, it will be a short lived relationship and a waste of everyone's time and money.

  • Be nice

Many mangers have a mis-conception that they have to be horrible to their candidates in interview.  Scare them, intimidate them!  Why?  You want them to want to work for you don't you?

  • Inform

Give concise information regarding the job and back it up with hand outs if possible.  The more informed your candidate is about the job and your expectations the more sure you can both be that this is the 'right' job for them.

  • Follow up

Think 'brand'.  Have the courtesy to tell your candidate the outcome of their interview and give some useful feedback.  Even if they are unsuccessful, you want them to speak positively about their experience and recommend a friend who maybe more suitable for the job.

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