A Good Therapist?

"That was amazing", "Fantastic", "My skin feels incredible", I hear it a lot, most of the time actually, its nice to hear!!, but I always wonder what it is I do or say that make me this good therapist they rave about!. Am I professional? Am I approachable? Do I give honest and helpful advice? Do I give my all with every client? YES of course I do!. But why is it that I, the therapist giving these treatments never really believes what they say ?.

With every new client I give a thorough consultation, look at their skin with a mag lamp and feel their skin for any lumps or bumps, are there any juicy blackheads for me to have a good go at? The joy!.

I make every treatment bespoke to there skin type and condition. I will decide on what mask to use, what type of massage I will perform. I'm sure you all do the same. I very rarely book a particular treatment, I prefer to book a 1 hour slot and then doing whatever I feel is needed in that time.

Sometimes, Ok I confess, most of the time I will use different products from different ranges to treat their concern. Facial oil from one range, Glycolic cleanser from another, I have a lot of favourites and when used together give really great results. I burn candles, use heated blankets, dim the lights after consultation (for the relaxing part), my clients love it!!

I see a lot of clients, teens with acne concerns, new mums concerned with ageing. Your saggy and baggy skin!, pigmentation, dryness, congestion, every skin is so different and always a challenge but I find that the interesting part. Forever questioning myself keeps me going.

My problem is I underestimate my skills and knowledge. Maybe that's what it is that make me a good therapist, never really believing your own hype, never really believing your that good. Take Leona Lewis for instance, she has the most amazing voice, high notes, low notes, she hit them all and got everyone's vote every week, we all knew she had the X -factor!!, but she never believed it herself, did she?. The nation warmed to her, they loved the fact that she could not see how incredible her voice was.

And that's how I see it myself. By not believing how good I am makes me the therapist I am today.

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