A Make-up Artists Top Peeves!

So please take note and maybe consider a few of these points to avoid giving your make-up artist a tough day at the office!

Make-up Client Distractions

It always amazes me how easily us humans are distracted. I believe it’s the FOMO issue, Fear of Missing Out. We daren’t relax and close our eyes just in case something amazing happens around us, on our phone or on the TV while we have taken our eye off the ball. This is one of the hardest parts of being a makeup artist, dealing with the easily distracted. 

It starts with a few little fidgets, a quick text, even a flick through a magazine but every little movement affects how we work. If you are moving while we try and do your make-up this isn’t good!! 

 I have had clients try and keep one eye open when I’m applying eye make up on the other eye, this causes them to squint the closed eye making the job almost impossible. Talking while we are trying to apply lipstick, no no no!! We are professionals but come on, it’s like trying to hit a moving target! 

Chatting while we are performing the most precise applications isn’t the best move because everything moves! As much as some people try and talk without being animated or moving their lips much, talking by nature causes every muscle from the chin to the forehead to play a part thus meaning something’s got to give and to be honest its usually that precise perfect liquid eyeliner! 

Trying to talk to the person next to you means it won’t be long before you are turning your head to look at them, meaning you are moving away from us and our brush!

Instagram Make-Up

This probably affects almost every makeup artist at some point in their working week, Clients showing you the make-up they want that they have seen on Instagram. Now showing your make-up artists pictures of the look you want isn’t a problem, in face we actively suggest it, one person’s natural make up is another’s heavy so it’s great to know what we both mean so we can achieve the look you like but also that’s right for you too. 

This is where the game changes with Instagram pictures. Sadly, most people don’t realise that the way make-up looks on Instagram rarely relates to the way you will look in real life! 

Instagram has bred a series of make-up trends that to be honest really don’t work so well in real life. The most iconic Instagram make -up looks probably were born from Kim Kardashian-West, and while I agree her make-up is beautiful and she has one of the most talented make-up artists in the world to thank, her looks aren’t always relatable in the flesh. She is one of the most photographed women in the world so needs to look flawless and perfect however while this make-up works really well for photographs and TV it doesn’t look so great for real. 

I can say this with the knowledge of someone who has seen her in the flesh. She is beautiful, but her make -up is very noticeable! She was about to appear on TV so completely relevant for the studio but not for the street. 

Here’s why! 

The amount of make-up used to create the perfect flawless skin is generally quite heavy. Most people I meet don’t actually want to wear this amount of make-up. In fact, I have been shown these pictures but then told by the client ‘’I never wear foundation, I don’t like the feel of it!’’ Ok then! 

Instagram has a wealth of filters that softly blur real skin, sorry but even the best make-up artist can’t filter in real life! 

The looks seen on Instagram, namely the very popular on trend contour, highlight looks don’t allow for personalisation, by that I mean many of the looks are one size fits all. Have you considered whether you really need to contour your nose to make it appear thinner if it’s already narrow? Do you need to contour cheekbones if you are already blessed with cheekbones that stand out a mile? Do you really want to add lots of highlight if your skin is already prone to being super oily and shiny?

Make-up should be a personalised so you get the best of the techniques that work for you and your face. By all means incorporate these techniques, which by the way aren’t new and have been used by professional for decades, just subtly so you don’t see that its been done by make-up, just remember to use them how and where you will get the best effect.

Makeup for Weddings 

Wedding days are a great privilege to be involved in as a make-up artist. However, they can also be stressful too but they don’t have to be. Brides trust your make -up artist!  Don’t decide on the day that you want a completely different look to the one you trialled 3 months ago! This will just add unnecessary stress to your day, let alone that of the make-up artist!

Make sure all your bridal party are briefed on the looks you want for them or if you are happy to let them choose so there are no last minute squabbles about who is having what!

Bridesmaids please respect your make up artist and don’t go adding tons of the wrong colour bronzer to your face in the bathroom thinking no one will notice! Just ask your artist if you want something and we will be happy to oblige, with the correct colour and placement I might add!


Whilst we are the professional we are more than happy for your input into your make up look, after all its your face. However, there’s a fine line between asking for what you want and telling us how to do it! If you prefer to do things like apply your own mascara that’s fine just be aware of telling us how to do our job, believe it or not most of the time we do know what will work for you, it’s our job to make you look your best as it reflects on our work so we do have your best interest at heart! 

There is nothing worse than dong someone’s make-up then seeing it look completely different in a photograph or on screen, particularly if it’s not been well done!

Time afforded to Makeup Artist

Whilst the most professional make-up artist can deliver a fantastic make-up look in record time it’s always worth remembering that the best results are achieved when we have the time to do our job properly. Now we understand that there are always exceptions to this, I’ve been known to get a presenter on -air ready in 20 minutes, hair and make-up, but this is the exception and most definitely not the rule! 

We all take different lengths of time when we work and certain looks and techniques will differ in timings too but your make up artist will be able to tell you how long they need to deliver their best results to you so take their advice, sit back and relax, trust us and enjoy!