A Truly Rewarding Career

We have all had our hearts broken once well maybe twice, and as we all know only too well that this probably isn't our most glamorous moment. After we have stopped crying and finally decided to answer the phone calls and text messages from concerned friends and parents we have to rebuild and where better to place to do that than a trip to the salon.

As a Beauty Therapist and I emphasise the word Therapist you will help your client to feel good, feel fabulous and help them to overcome their troubles even if only for an hour or two.

You will be the sympathetic shoulder. You don't judge them. You boost the confidence they have lost and you take them to a safe place where they lose their troubles and cares.

It is not only broken hearts we mend, we can give people a better quality of life as we know being a teenager is a very difficult time of life for any young woman our bodies change we develop and discover BOYS!!

Unfortunately with this time of life comes its own problems in the shape of skin problems and hormones. Again as a therapist we can help to solve those problems with various methods and products. We help to give a young woman confidence and as we all know ladies confidence is the key. When you have that confidence you will take on the world and as a Beauty Therapist the skills you have, have made it possible for that woman to walk right past that man who broke her heart and smile and for that teenage girl to walk into school with her held high and I am here to tell you ladies as a beauty therapist it is the best feeling in the world to make a person feel that way and it makes all the training worth while.

I was 25 when I decided that I wanted to be a Beauty Therapist. I had a great job, well paid , but I felt I wasn't doing what I wanted to do so I enrolled at my local college and started my course full time. I worked in salon 3 days a week and I had a part time job on an evening and for once I was doing something that I truly loved. I was learning a skill and the options that are out there now are amazing. If you have children there are part time courses evening classes. Some colleges even have creches.

Sometimes you have to be selfish and you only have one life and if you feel in your heart that this is the career for you I promise you ladies you will not be disappointed.

I now work for a leading Nail Company and I am the happiest I have ever been and I would recommend this happiness to anyone.

If you want a rewarding job that will make you happy and be fun this is the job for you.

So come on girls get training and then you can make everybody feel and look just Fabulous!!!

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