A Typical Day for a Flutter Lash Artist

The idea for Flutter was founded on the demand for high quality lash extensions that gave the look and staying power clients wanted. To do this it was felt that this should be the only service offered to enable the speed and quality of the treatment to be maintained. Therefore Flutterspecialises solely in eyelash extensions.

Our unique selling point is that we offer this innovative treatment in the comfort of people's own homes. This allows greater flexibility of available treatment times allowing us to offer services from 7.30am to 9pm as well as weekends.

Hair and Beauty Jobs got a chance to speak to Founder Kathryn Popplestone to hear what a typical day in the life is like for a Flutter Consultant

A typical day for a Flutter Lash Artist

Due to our business being mobile, we tend to work full time but flexible hours. This could mean starting as early at 7.30am to see clients before they go off to work. Alternatively we can choose to start later and work into the evening. Sometimes we see people early in the morning, then in the evening and have the time off in between to go shopping! As you can see, our days can be tailored around our needs and can be as varied or constant as we like. 

When we start our day we load our equipment, beauty bed, light and lash box, into the car and program the clients address in to the satellite navigation. When we arrive at the client’s house and have found suitable parking we unload our equipment and greet the client at the door. They then show us where we can set up.
If it is a new client it is at this point we give them the client record form to fill in while we put the bed up and attach our light. Once the consultation is done and everything is set up the client lies down on the bed with us sitting on a chair by their head. 
The procedure itself involves attaching single synthetic lashes one at a time to individual natural lashes and can take between 1 and 2 hours. 

After the treatment is complete and the client has checked she is happy with her lashes we pack our equipment away. If they are a new client we give them an aftercare sheet explaining how to care for their new lashes and give them the opportunity to purchase our sealer which protects the longevity of their extensions. Most clients also book their next appointment in before we leave. This is done through our iPhone booking system. This is linked to our central booking system where new clients who call are booked by reception. This means that clients can be booked remotely and all diaries are automatically updated making it ideal for our mobile service.

The lashes are something that a lot of women see as essential maintenance so infill’s with regular clients make up the majority of our days. This means you tend to build up a rapport with your clients giving you a reliable repeat client base. As mentioned above our days can vary greatly but generally we see between 3 and 5 customers a day.

If you are interested in joining our expanding team please complete the application form at www.fluttereyesfranchise.co.uk to be considered for this unique opportunity.

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