A Valuable Risk

Written by: Lorraine Jackson, Recruitment Executive Red Careers
Published on: 4 Oct 2022


A Valuable Risk                                                                                                          

Sept 2022


Risk taking can be an immensely important and valuable action …


The idea of risk-taking however, can be quite ‘off putting’ for some people. Inevitably connected with change, risk can force you into unchartered territory, take you out of your comfort zone and test your sense of humour!


As we celebrate 20 years of Red Careers connecting like-minded professionals in our wonderful industry, it would be boorish not to celebrate, and interrogate, the entrepreneurial plunge that was taken all those many CV applications ago!


Our founder Veronica originally channeled her strong passion for people into the inspiration for the business and its name. As a multi-site manager in leisure, it was clear that facilitating the growth and progression of people determined the success of each business Veronica led. The time and energy invested in finding the right person however, was extremely time consuming.


‘Talented people stand out once you find them, just like the colour red. Education is vital in the progression and growth of an individual within a specific job role together with constant development. Be it personal or company driven Recruitment Education and Development contributes to overall success, making RED the perfect name for a recruitment business!’ (Veronica Butler)


Clearly this inspirational passion and self-belief developed into the original launch of Red Careers, and the rest is history as they say!

Since then, regularly witnessing shifts in the ways of recruitment and constantly trying to improve methods, there have been so many risks involved. Some caused by circumstances beyond control, some that have fruitfully paid off, many that have led to finding 1,000 ways of something not working; yet some have resulted in an incredible learning and success.


Taking a leap into the unknown can be extremely rewarding. The risk Veronica took 20 years ago has been immensely influential for so many careers and businesses over the years and will continue to do so.


It’s worth noting therefore, whenever you are debating whether to take the plunge, be it opening your own business, taking your next career step, or simply learning something new … just remember risk taking really can be rewarding, and be a valuable and important action.

Veronica Butler is the Director and Founder of Red Careers (originally known as Red Hot Careers).

Look out for RED’s interview with Veronica over the next few weeks