Achieving a Healthy Work & Life Balance

This is a task that simply takes time to find the right balance. It becomes apparent that you have to try and separate the two in order to truly make it work. Whether you’re self-employed or work for a company you still have the heavy heart in making the right decisions that will benefit your family and home life whilst allowing you to do the job you love.

Making the decision to be a full time working parent can be very hard. You want to provide your child with the best future the world can offer and sometimes you have to sacrifice one thing in order to do so, and that’s your time. The time you could be spending with your family and children has to be used to provide the financial security you need in order to survive. 

Sometimes these decisions can leave us plagued with guilt, guilt that will probably never leave you but ultimately you know the benefits you and your family will reap from your hard work and dedication to your job and your profession. Some of us find ourselves having to make career changes, or schedule changes from full time to part time. This can be really tough, especially if it means having to take on additional jobs to allow you to provide for your family.  

The majority of the time one is able to find a role within their existing work place, but life sometimes has other plans for us and we find ourselves moving into a completely new direction.

It’s important you remember why you’ve made the decision to work and its even more important you appreciate ‘YOU’ in having the courage and strength to do both.  Most companies today are very family-oriented and will try to work with you to ensure you feel comfortable in your work environment; after all a happy employee is a successful one.  

Keeping your identity helps everyone in the long run; you feel that the successful career that you’ve worked so hard to achieve is not lost and it gives you a focus outside of the family world. This is really healthy to any individual; it allows you to keep friends, social circles and above all different conversation other than what goes on behind closed doors at home.  

I’m sure many of you can appreciate the first time you spent at home bringing your babies up, watching them develop and grow into a little person. Leaving them for the first time can be heartbreaking but before you know it you’re right back in the swing of things and have somewhat of a normal life again.  

It doesn’t take long before you feel comfortable with how things start falling into place. You may find changes need to be made along the way, be it your schedule, childcare etc. You have to feel confident in leaving your child or children in the hands of others; this ultimately gives you the piece of mind you need in order to focus back on you. It can be hard as situations arise that may be out of your control but it is how you handle them that will make all the difference in the world. If you maintain your professionalism at all times employers will do everything they can to support and encourage your needs.

Family time is crucial. You can be the most successful person in the world, enjoy your job, be it full time or part time but when it comes to family you must take time to water your own garden. With how technology has evolved throughout the years children seem more focused on computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones etc. They seem to be able to entertain themselves.  

Sometimes this is wonderful if you have the everyday chores to catch up on but remember, time spent on these things takes away from you creating wonderful memories they can look back on and appreciate. It doesn’t always take money to provide your family with memories; it can be anything from cooking together, decorating together, working in the garden together, spending the afternoon in the park or simply enjoying a family meal together.  

All of these special moments add up and believe it or not you will sit back one day, when you’re all enjoying the moment and feel extremely proud of the decisions you’ve made. You will be able to provide the lovely gifts they desire on birthdays and Christmas, take them on holidays, whether it’s nationwide or worldwide; you can give yourself a massive pat on the back for contributing to the happiness of your family. 

Try to keep family days separate from work issues; you may be faced with crossovers, especially when self-employed. Sometimes you have to deal with business emergencies and unexpected situations. Explaining things to your family and children is vital when this happens. It’s important that they understand why you can’t be there at all times but get them involved in the decision making of family days.  

Place the choice of what to do in their hands, if they are old enough to share what they’d like to do.  It’s important you teach them that their input is valuable; it gives ownership and understanding on how they too can make other people in the family happy.

Balancing both work and home almost gives you two identities and two very separate and exciting things to focus on.  You get to continue on the path of success and grow a beautiful, happy family at the same time; just remember one thing; it is all possible because you made it possible. Now take a bow!

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