Adding a Photo to your Beauty Job Application

Published on: 3 Mar 2016

Now some would frown on the practice of asking to see photos. After all it's not a beauty parade and we shouldn't judge a book by its cover and all that.... BUT you wouldn't want to compromise your chance of being invited to interview. So in a bid to show the employer that you can be well presented (which will be important to them considering you'll be representing their salon) there's no harm in uploading your photo. That is as long as you do it properly. No Ibiza holiday snaps!!

It's worth following the handy tips below as it could mean the difference between you being invited and not invited for an interview

Some handy tips for adding your photo to the job application

  • Remember you're applying for a job so no holiday or party pics!
  • Head shots recommended but not essential
  • An approachable and friendly look is better than a grumpy and serious one!
  • Dress appropriately - wear something similar to what you'd wear to an interview
  • Neutral backgrounds are better
  • Choose a good quality photograph - no foggy or grainy bits
  • Have several shots taken so you've a good selection to choose from


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