Adverts that Attract Quality Candidates

If you can afford the time it's worth encompassing the following tips for writing good job adverts that will help attract quality candidates;

Write a catchy headline

The majority of job vacancies are now posted onto online job boards. Unlike magazines and newspapers there isn't always the option to make your advert bigger, or in full colour to make it stand out from the rest. Therefore you have to utilise other methods. One tip is to lead your advert with a catchy headline that will capture the attention and hopefully imagination of prospective candidates.

For example, instead of heading your advert with 'Hair stylist vacancy' lead it with something a little more inspiring like 'Unique opportunity to take your hair career to the next level'

Write with the jobseeker in mind!

Some job adverts are placed with literally one line of text i.e. 'Our salon needs a hair stylist that can cut and colour.' This advert no matter what job board it's posted to will generate little interest as it gives insufficient information about the opportunity and is uninspiring.

Put yourself in the shoes of the jobseeker and ask 'what are they going to be interested in reading on a job advert?' What can your company offer that will benefit or challenge new employees?

Use industry known job titles and phrases

Candidates can be put off by the inclusion of technical jargon and non-familiar phrases. Use job titles that are well used in the industry even if you call the job something different in-house.

A lesser known reason why industry specific words should be used is that your adverts can be thrown up in search engine  results when candidates are searching on-line even if they've not gone straight to the job board you're advertising on.

Make your advert as easy to read as possible

Wordy paragraphs and lack of white space will make your advert difficult to read and many potential super stars won't get past the first paragraph.

Help navigate the candidate though your advert by providing a grabbing headline, sub headings and bullet pointed facts. Ensure that the language used is easy to understand, concise and industry specific.

Include salary and perks of the job!

Salary is a popular search option for candidates. Ticking 'on application' means your position may not show up on advanced job searches where candidates select to search on a specific salary bracket. Where feasible try and pick a salary range to show.

Also make sure you list any associated job perks such as; free parking, commission, flexible working, child care, additional paid holidays and health insurance. They all have a monetary value and help boost the overall attractiveness of the package on offer.

Specify a location

Make sure your advert is listed against a specific location. Simply ticking 'South East' or 'nationwide' will narrow the number of views.  You risk receiving applications from candidates that don't live within reasonable commute of your business and your vacancy may not show on advanced job search results.

People tend to search by county i.e. Hampshire rather than 'South of England'. So if you're salon is in Southampton make sure that you select 'south East, Hampshire' and state that it's in Southampton. By doing this you will be opening up your advert to many more prospects.

Sell your business!

What your business stands for and offers is really important to a jobseeker. They may have to work there after all!

Ask yourself why someone would want to work for your business. What makes your salon a better place to work than others in the neighbourhood? Sell your business and the benefits, challenges and opportunities it throws up for employees. You have to sell your worth as much as a candidate has to sell theirs.

Examples of attractive points to mention are:

  •  Awards you've won; Olive Awards, industry awards etc
  • Evidence of, or plans for growth and expansion
  • Excellent in-house training
  • Well defined paths for career advancement
  • Beautiful work environment
  • Fabulous products to work with
  • Brand new launch

If you've a website that shows off your company well then make sure you provide the web URL on the advert as well. Likewise, if there is the opportunity to have additional branding and company profile on the job board take it.

Outline what the job involves

Candidates like to know in advance what the job entails. This helps give a much clearer picture of your expectations and means resulting applications will be better matched to your requirements.

Don't frighten candidates with your essential wish list

Detailing desired skills/attributes is an important part of any job advert but be careful you don't scare candidates off with too many 'essential' requirements. Are they really essential or could training be realistically provided?

For every essential requirement listed on your advert you are narrowing the pool of potential candidates. In addition the opportunity to learn new skills is an attractive proposition to many otherwise 'perfect' candidates.

Give a 'Call to action'

At the end of the advert make sure you give a call to action that will persuade the candidate to apply there and then and also any specific application instructions.

Remember, the top 3 things to remember when placing an online job advert are;

  1. Really SELL the opportunity to prospective candidates, arouse their interest. Write with them in mind and in the second person.
  2. Include content that is web friendly and use industry known terms so that your advert appears in a optimum number of search engine results
  3. Your advert is a representation of your company so make sure it's a great one by providing all the information a candidate needs  to apply there and then!

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