Aesthetic Clinic Manager

Job Description (What the job involves)

An Aesthetic Clinic Manager has a very important role within the clinic as they are responsible for the day to day running/management of the clinic. The main duties are to ensure the smooth running of the business, managing staff and ensuring treatments are provided to the highest possible standard. A Clinic Manager is also required to organise suitable staff rotas, this includes holidays and hiring and dismissing staff where necessary. Working within an aesthetic clinic also means you will have to ensure the clinic meets certain standards. All clinics are registered with their local government and although it is now not compulsory, some clinic are also CQC (Care Quality Commission/Health Care Commission) registered. If this is the case you may be asked to apply to be the clinics Registered Manager. This means that you will be responsible for ensuring that the clinic meets all the required standards set by the CQC.

Hours and Working Environment

Clinic opening times can be anywhere from 8am until 9pm, 9-6pm or even shorter days on Sundays and/or bank holidays. This means that as the Clinic Manager you need to be pretty flexible as you’re hours will often vary. Most Clinic Managers are contracted to 42.5 hours per week however you may have to cover for staff sickness or holiday which means working over your contracted hours. As the clinic manager you could be given a work phone which means you will be available to your clinic 24/7.

Upsides and Downsides

The job of a Clinic Manager has many rewarding factors to it. You have a big input into how the business is run, when your clinic hits target you reap the rewards and the knowledge that you helped get that business to where it is. You will be managing people some of whom may need more guidance than others and when you see those people grow or make their first £1000+ sale the good in that speaks for itself. Although you may not be treating, you will be contributing to the whole standard and atmosphere of the clinic. The most rewarding thing about managing an aesthetic clinic is when your clients tell you that they enjoy visiting the clinic.

Keeping staff motivated and happy, meeting targets, setting high standards and ensuring all working hours are covered can be very stressful. As you are the Manager sometimes you may feel alienated from the rest of the team, as a senior member of staff this is likely to happen, however you need to remember that you must keep professional relationships with all staff members as later down the line you may have to discipline or even dismiss a member of staff.

Skills and Personal Qualities

  • Excellent organisational skills – as a Clinic Manager you need to be very organised. You will have regular daily/weekly/monthly tasks to do as well as staff issues, client calls and your own manager to report to so it is important you are able to organise yourself and manage your time well to get everything done.
  • Good people skills – This quality is a must in any clinic or salon for any member of staff. As a manager you must be able to relate to staff and customers in a suitable manner as you will be the person that they want to speak to for any issues. You need to be able to manage these people.
  • Flexible – As the Clinic Manager you must flexible to work over your contracted hours in case of staff sickness.
  • Management/Leadership Skills – You will be managing a team of anywhere between 2-10+ practitioners, nurses & doctors. You must be able to manage staff and set an example to your team. You must also be able to motivate the team either individually through one to ones and coaching but also as a team in team meetings and team briefs. Keeping the team motivated can be a tough job in itself as each person is motivated in a different way.
  • Excellent Customer Service – In this industry excellent customer service skills are an absolute must. As a manager you may have to deal with difficult customer related situations which you need to deal with in a calm and professional manner.

As well as all the above, as a Clinic Manager you will be responsible for Health & Safety, Fire Safety and clinic audits/checks. So some experience or knowledge of these items would also be beneficial.

Entry Requirements

•    NVQ Level 3 or Equivalent in Beauty Therapy (not essential)
•    Management Experience (not essential)
•    Knowledge of the Aesthetic and/or  Beauty Industry

There is no ‘minimum entry requirements’ however it is beneficial to have some basic knowledge of the aesthetic and/or beauty industry, any management experience is of course a bonus and if you have worked as a therapist or practitioner previously and looking to progress this will give you an ambitious edge although not all companies require their managers to have beauty backgrounds.

Opportunities and Progression

A clinic manager role can lead to many other roles. Many Clinic Managers go on to open their own clinics or become Regional managers for bigger companies whereby you might find yourself managing all London Clinics. Some Clinic Managers also go on to work as Business Development Managers for companies looking to expand into the aesthetic industry.

Industry Outlook

As you are interviewing for a more senior role you may be asked to attend more than one interview with different people and these interviews will probably be very similar so do not worry if there is more than one. When attending the interview you need to ensure that all the key skills mentioned previously come across. The main thing that interviewers will be looking for is that you are able to join a team and fit in well. It can be difficult to be a new manager and join a very strong team who have worked together for a while.|

Questions! Ensure you have questions to ask the interviewer, for example ‘How often do the doctors work at the clinic?’ ‘Do the doctors manage their own diaries?’ This not only shows that you are very interested in the role but that you are a ‘doer’ and that you want to find these things out so you can understand what your day to day job will be like.

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