Aesthetic Therapist

Job Description (What the job involves)

The primary objective of an aesthetic therapist is to carry out aesthetic treatments to the highest possible standard whilst keeping in line with company guidelines and maintain and deliver excellent customer service to clients ensuring due care, attention and sensitivity throughout.

It is essential each therapist  complies with all regulatory bodies including the CQC and ensure all paperwork is correctly completed and signed before each treatment.

A therapist is required to perform thorough consultations before any treatment which may include a skin assessment and Laser or IPL test patches. You will also be required to up sell the fantastic treatments that your clinic has to offer; these may include: Laser Hair Removal, IPL Hair Removal, IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Peels, Dermaroller & Microdermabrasion. As well as promoting and carrying out treatments you will also be required to recommend products  from professional product houses for your clients to use at home.

Ensuring the clinic has completed paperwork for each and every client is a very important part of each therapist's job role. Each client's file includes personal details, medical history and medication. This is because some of the treatments that you will provide do have contra indications which means that you need to check if a client is suitable to have treatments. All treatments and recommendations must be recorded on each client’s file after every treatment. This is very important to track treatment progress, for further treatments and if anything were to go wrong all information is documented.

As well as performing treatments and upselling products and treatments you may also be required to answer the telephone, make bookings, take payments and respond to enquiries from clients.

Cleanliness is a huge focus within clinics and some may have cleaners however if they don’t it is also your job to ensure every room, machine and product is cleaned regularly and in line with the companies hygiene policy, this also includes during treatments ie hand washing.

Hours and Working Environment

Clinic opening hours are similar to beauty salon opening hours and you must be available to work late nights, weekends and some bank holidays. A typical working week might consist of Mon & Tuesday 9am-6pm, Wednesday Day Off, Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday & Saturday 9-6pm, Sunday Day Off.

Some clinics use a rolling rota which includes one Saturday off a month, or two days off in a row however most clinics open six or seven days a week and you will be required to work all days as you will most probably be contracted to hours as opposed to specific days.

Flexibility is a must as you may be required to cover holiday/sickness and attend events that the clinic may hold out of normal working hours.

Upsides and Downsides

Working as an aesthetic therapist can be a very rewarding job as every day you are dealing with clients who have hair and skin issues that can really affect their lives. You are providing your clients with treatments that can make a huge difference to their confidence and overall their lives. As most of the treatments that you will be doing are carried out over several courses you get to see your clients every 2-6 weeks which means you get to form a really great relationship with them.

Clients can be very demanding and have very high expectations; managing these high expectations can sometimes be quite challenging however as long as everything is explained to your client at the beginning this can be managed.

Another challenging aspect of the role is again with your clients, you are providing them treatments that can have some quite unpleasant adverse reactions if performed incorrectly. Obviously you will be provided with all the training needed however your clients have access to google and tend to believe everything they read. You will need to reassure your clients that they are in very good hands and that you are now their 'google!'

Skills and Personal Qualities

  • Excellent time keeping; not just at the beginning and end of your shift but whilst treating clients. This is to ensure that you keep to your schedule for the day.
  • Friendly and approachable…these are an absolute must. A lot of clients who come to see us are often worried or embarrassed about their skin and/or excess hair growth when they come to a clinic they want to be greeted by friendly therapists who they feel comfortable and at ease with as it can be a very delicate subject for a lot of people.
  • Confidence, this is the main quality needed. You will be providing medical aesthetic treatments and although they are all non surgical you will be using products and machines that can cause serious damage if used incorrectly. Clients need to see and feel that you have confidence when talking about and providing treatments and services. This will then give clients confidence in you as their therapist and this will allow them to put their trust in you and before you know it you will have a loyal clientele for years and years and years.

Entry Requirements

  • NVQ Level 3 or Equivalent in Beauty Therapy

This is the minimum entry level. Some experience working within the beauty industry will always go down well as it shows you will be used to the working hours and general running of a salon/clinic. Some clinics do recruit straight from college.

At The Interview
The interview is where you will get to make your first impression to your potential new employers. Personal appearance is always important and you should ensure that you follow the general rules that would apply in clinic; light make up, neat hair tied back and clean short nails.

During the interview they will want to find out any previous experience you have in the industry, attending shows such as Olympia and/or Excel. They will want to know if you have had experience dealing with different types of clients and their expectations and how you have dealt with them.  Effectively dealing with high expectations will be part of your daily routine so they will want to see you demonstrate this.

Interviewers may also ask you to share examples of when you have had to use your own initiative so ensure you think up some examples in advance of the interview.

Opportunities and Progression

The aesthetics industry is rapidly growing and hence working as an aesthetic therapist opens up many opportunities. One route of progression is to Assistant Manager, Clinic Manager and even Regional Manager. These jobs include managing the day to day running of the clinic/clinics and overseeing a whole region of clinics and managers.

Another route would be a career as a trainer and/or a sales representative, this would be working for the aesthetic brands and selling their machines/product and also training therapists to use them.

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