Ageing Skin!

I found myself in the village hall preparing to give a talk on "ageing Skin"

It appeared all had turned out from the giggling 12 year olds at the back to our more sedate ladies in suits at the front. In between were the highfliers, the career women that had settled in the village complete with detached house and BMW covertible.

So how do I target such a range? What to say? The 12 year olds are not interested in face lifts or botox or micro dermabrasion. They are really here just for a laugh.

My interest turned to the object of their amusement, a sightly tall and erect elderly lady dressed in trousers and an old baggy jumper complete with working boots. A complete contrast from most of the other women that had turned up in obvious competetion with each other. Bright orange lipsticks, painted black toenails, and full make up shouted at me from the aisles.

But the elderly lady intrigued me. Her skin was radiant, almost wrinkle free, yet that indefinable something....the altering of the skeletal frame, the growth of the ears, the stature that shouted out advancing years definitely put this lady in her late 60s or even 70s.

My "Talk" consisted of posters, diagrams, samples of my chosen product, and a facial demonstration. Today I had brought my micro current machine and I spoke of the advantages of having a "non surgical face lift ".

I showed them pictures of sun damaged skin and advised on sun protection. I spoke of how the sun would damage the collagen and later in life the skin would wrinkle and thicken, but all the time my eyes were drawn to the lady in the baggy jumper.

She smiled at me and raised her hand as she volunteered to be the "client" in my facial demonstration. Up she jumped and before I had time to choose here she was climbing with the agility of a 20 year old on to the couch.

I had brought an assistant with me who would perform the facial whilst I explained the procedure. I began by asking my clients name and she responded " My name is Marigold and I live on Whiteside farm, you will have seen it on the hill as you drove into the village."

" I need to ask you a few questions Marigold just to make sure you are able to have the treatment "

She had nothing to contra indicate treatment so off went my assistant and we began the demonstration. This client was 72 years old with a skin of a forty year old. Women in their 70s would not normally benefit from micro current but we continued and one of the audience could not resist asking the question " Marigold has lovely skin. How has she managed to stave off the effects of the sun ? She has worked outside all her life !"

I was frantically searching for the right words when Marigold sat up and took over " I have always been on the farm. I have never been abroad. I suppose I only eat what I produce on the farm, fresh eggs, fresh vegetables and fresh meat. My skin is protected by only vaseline but I make face packs from the eggs and lemon juice on my freckles. I don't smoke or drink. Thats it. Thats all !"

Wow I was taken aback and the audience were very quiet. Even the girls had stopped giggling.

This lady was the original beauty therapist ! Her skin had benefited from natural products and the fresh air free of pollution. No free radicals dashing around her body !

"Well what can I say. She is absolutely right." With all our advances in the beauty industry that modern women now embrace to help them look younger it is sometimes easy to forget the basics. The basics are what we build our health and youthfulness on. Good nutrition, sun protection, drinking water, not smoking and avoiding pollution and alcohol.

I asked Marigold if she would stay with us to help us answer questions and she loved it ! She told the audience about the teas she made from fresh herbs and the face packs she made from berries and fruits.

In an industry full of expensive creams and lotions Marigold is a fantastic example what we can all do to help ourselves and no excuses for not having a lovely skin at 70 !

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