Alternative Therapy - To Believe or Not to Believe

Holistic Therapies

Taking it all in my stride I threw myself into the world of crystal therapy, numerology and the most mind boggling holistic practice - how to balance one's chakras. Seven spinning vortexes within yourself that if blocked can cause illness and be the reason behind mood swings started to light a little fire within me.

The more holistic therapists I spoke to on a daily basis the more I found myself wrapped up and enthralled by this fascinating belief that massage, essential oils and crystals could do the same job as paracetamol, ibuprofen, co-codamol and all the other chemical rubbish we subject our bodies to for that quick fix to relieve pain.

Crystal therapy is a minefield in itself because this section of alternative therapy has scientific proof to back it up! Now I'm no expert (yet - one copy of Crystal Power - Crystal Healing shortly winging its way to me courtesy of but a crystal formed from a mineral element that causes tiny vibrations so that when placed on a specific chakra point on the body to help create a balance, sounds a lot more believable to me.

A customer told me months ago when I first expressed an interest in crystal therapy that I would soon be wearing one in my bra - I laughed her off the phone! I now however am the proud carrier of an Adventurine stone in my purse as I believe it will attract fortune and wear a clear quartz close to me at all times to enhance feelings of well being. I even have the orange Carnelian in my bathroom as it is the stone of my star sign and being a water symbol I thought this quite apt...not sure if the men in white coats won't be coming to get me after all!

At the end of the day people choose what they want to believe in and if alternative therapy makes someone happy, who are we to argue? In this 'greener' day and age when women are becoming more conscious about what they are putting onto their skin, surely they should also consider what they are putting in...

If cynics want to believe that a chemically enhanced product is better then lead me to the fields, let's strip down and dance naked beneath the glow of the moon if that is the way that alternative therapy believers are viewed! Now let me just adjust this crystal in my bra!


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