Icy Blonde Hair Trend

Jennifer Lawrence debuted her brand new icy blonde at The CinemaCon event wearing her locks in a simple up-do with gorgeous natural waves around her face. It is more than a simple platinum bleach, it has a depth of tone which adds a sophisticated and contemporary quality to the shade. The bold colour has silver undertones which are perfect for those who are attempting to modernize their blonde. Lightening your hair can illuminate your skin, therefore the icy blonde highlights features and immediately brightens your face.

If this cool colour is for you, the Exclusive Nordic Blonde available at Headmasters turns the harsh edge of this colour into something more sublime, individual yet classy.  J-Law has experimented with a variety of blonde hues before achieving these cool undertones, therefore it is important to make a gradual change to this hair colour.

Siobhan Jones, Headmasters Colour Ambassador offer’s her recommendations for this colour:

To keep your blonde cool I recommend that you book in for mid appointment refreshes in salon. You can come in for our Mid Lights Lift Service which will add back in the cool tone that may have faded out of your hair . The colour wash has added conditioning benefits too so you do not need to worry about compromising the condition. Use L’oreal Silver Shampoo, the purple tone in the shampoo neutralises any yellow and brassy tones and keeps your blonde clean and bright. Lastly using dry shampoo in between washes to prevent the cool tone fading.”

Taylor Swift was also rocking her signature bob with a new bright and edgier blonde at Coachella over the weekend.