An Interview with Amanda Kingsland, Senior Therapist at SkinGenesis

Hair and Beauty jobs talks to Amanda about how she's finding life in the aesthetic sector , the treatments she's allowed to carry out and what she'd advise other therapists to do that would like to enter aesthetics.

Q. What attracted you to working for SkinGenesis?

The advanced treatments they offer.

Q. What treatments are you qualified to undertake at the clinic?

All of them other than laser teeth whitening and DermAmelan, which is nurse only.

Q. Within the aesthetic industry what treatments can non-medical therapists give?

The entire SkinGenesis range, except DermAmelan skin depigmentation, can be given by NVQ3 therapists once they've had the necessary training. We have a visiting doctor who does Botox and Fillers as these can't be done by a therapist.

Q. What can a Therapist gain from working at a specialist skin clinic like SkinGenesis that he/she wouldn't gain perhaps from a more traditional 'beauty' clinic?

Learning the specialist, advanced treatments. Also, the client base is probably a bit different too with a good mix of male, female, skin types and ages.

Q. What have been the highlights of your career to-date?

The highlights are undoubtedly the fantastic results we get for our clients. But apart from that I have enjoyed attending networking events with my manager and feel I have gained in confidence.

Q. What qualities are essential in a quality therapist?

Being able to apply the knowledge from training to get the best results, and being able to work as part of a team. It is important to empathize with your clients and really understand their needs.

Q. What is the link between what you do and a customer's psychological well being?

With some of our clients you can see an improvement in their confidence and happiness as the treatments take effect so I feel we really do make a difference doing what we do.

Q. Is there anything within the aesthetic industry that you'd like to specialise in?

Not at the moment.

Q. To qualify for a postgrad aesthetic course suitable for therapists what entry qualification do you require?

SkinGenesis demand NVQ level 3, but I'm not sure if this is a universal standard.

Q. What steps would you advise a therapist take to enter the aesthetic industry?

Read up as much as possible the internet is great for this. Try to experience as many treatments as possible and try to get work experience, whether paid or unpaid. Accept that with NVQ level 3 you've still got a lot to learn to enter the aesthetic industry.

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