An Ultimate Health and Wellness Break

In ancient Greece, pilgrims and patients travelled all across the Med to the sacred waters of Epidaurus to pray to the gods to heal their medical ailments. While today's health tourist may have long abandoned pagan rituals, many now travel to establishments such as the Fortina Spa Resort in Malta, hoping to return home physically rehabilitated, cosmetically tweaked or aesthetically improved after a series of bespoke spa, medical or dental treatments. And of the many European countries with a long and entrenched history of medical tourism, Malta is renowned for its legacy as a convalescence island during the 2nd World War, earning it the nickname of nurse of the Mediterranean. Caring for over 20,000 convalescent soldiers on its shores, in 1942, it was awarded the George Cross for its people's 'outstanding gallantry' during the second world war.

Fortina Spa Resort

And today, Malta's legacy as a medical sanctum for those seeking treatment or rehabilitation continues. Fortina, the most comprehensive spa resort in the Mediterranean, has launched its health tourism programmes which consolidate the combined costs of the initial consultation, travel, treatment, accommodation, post-operative care and even spa treatments into their packages. Few health tourism packages are plentiful as the ones offered by Fortina Spa Resort in Malta.

And indeed, arguably few operations make every effort to meet all criteria as Fortina. As private costs have rocketed in the UK, more Britons are considering going abroad for dental work for treatments such as crowns, implants, bridges and cosmetic dentistry. Those in need of dental treatment or a medical makeover will find that the Fortendent, a state of the art clinic managed by professionals offering the highest level of Dentistry.

Although Fortina sets itself apart from its other global rivals in providing medical packages and post-op care for patients, it also retains an even footing with other cosmopolitan spa resorts. It specialises in physical, mental and spiritually rejuvenating treatments as well as bespoke programmes devised by physiotherapists for patients in need of physical rehabilitation. So whether you're a tourist looking for a relaxing break away or a patient seeking medical treatment, Fortina's spa treatments are all-encompassing and have been designed to help stimulate recovery and post-operative recuperation.


In addition to Fortina's garnering of much respect and praise from the international medicine community, Malta itself enjoys recognition as one of the foremost health destinations in the world. Merely a three hour flight from the UK and with English as its official second language, Malta has established itself as an ideal destination for those seeking treatment abroad. While many other similar countries offer similar treatments abroad, some are considered uncharted territories by the medical profession in the UK. With its exacting standards and prestigious global standing, Malta enjoys a similarly distinguished profile to the British medical industry. Their surgeons among the most skilled, qualified and experienced in their fields and the nurses are specially selected for their expertise.

And then there's Malta itself, as historically intriguing as it is culturally fascinating, it is a country where familiar pillar box red phone boxes hold court with walled gardens, palaces and outstanding architecture. So while Fortina's aftercare for post-operative care patients is distinctive in it's all-encompassing excellence, the resort is also perfect for those who don't necessarily require elective or cosmetic treatment but are aiming for a restful breaks to rejuvenate, invigorate and heal.


And as Fortina's reputation and appeal has spread outwards, it has begun to attract the great and the good of the entertainment industry. It is currently a popular holiday destination for musicians, footballers and actors. Gary Neville made a full recovery there after attending Fortina's rehab clinic. Following a recent stay at Fortina, dynamic Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant is rumoured to be in talks with the surviving members to reform the band. The music press and fans are salivating, performing backflips and the rock and roll salute in desperate hope that the world's ultimate supergroup will reunite. And so the question begs, if a stay at Fortina pre-empts such epiphanies and reconciliations for iconic rock legends, what could it do for the average Joe?


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