Are Hairdressers the Happiest Labourers in Britain?

What is your opinion?

How do you feel about this? You are happier than members who work for the clergy by 24%! You are happier than social workers by 38%! - so said hairstylists involved in a BBC survey to find the happiest in their profession.

The reason given was this - "We as hairstylists work with people", "We have human contact on a personal level, providing a service that is much appreciated", where "people say thank you".
Now dear ones, Saturday night clubbing was fraught with the dangers of alcohol, Sunday was spent dosed to the hilt with black coffee and painkillers, as for Monday, what makes us get out of bed?

Psychologically we must get satisfaction or we would not do our job.

But why do we love our job?

Customers complain. Relatives get in the way. Babies scream in the waiting area ( or better still are hidden amidst the breast under the mothers gown!! ). Children touch the products making them crash to the floor and leave them there for our juniors to politely say "don't worry, I'll pick them up" ( and the mothers let them).

Fussy women with neck injuries who wiggle back and forth at the basin ( then tell you how they salsa dance 5 times a week to keep fit ).

Men who insist they always have their locks clippered off and won't dream of having a perfect scissor cut.

Teenagers whose parents think a nice short fringe would be practical for school. 18 year old boys who need mum to tell you how they have their hair cut. Violent whimps who threaten to knock you into tomorrow if you muck up their obviously beloved wife's hair.

Smelly tramps who cheekily pop in to have a shampoo then decide they'll leave the cut till next year.

Grandma who has not had a bath since last Tuesday but insists on a dry cut.

The loud customers. The ones who's hearing aid is on the side so you can cut around their ear easier ( always on Monday morning or Friday night ).
The little 3 year old darling with the chubby cheeks who accuse you of ramming the comb into the back of their head ( and the parents who believe them).

The children who think they know what hairstyle they want then cry when they get it.

The adults who know they want a square bob and are pleased with it!!. The "Just a trim please", The allergy to conditioner ( or water ). Scoriosis. Dandruff. Grease. B.O. The children who don't like the red lolly you just gave them, ( kindly bought for good children from your own tips ) but want a yellow one or they will cry ( and the parents who look at you like you are filth for upsetting baby ) where do we stop???
Then there are the little old ladies who smell of lavender and are up for a new style.

The children who smile and say they want to come back to you personally because you obviously made them feel special.

The baby in the pram asleep and mum insists the pram stays in the waiting area not by her side, because that would be in your way.

The older gentleman who always had a comb over and now wants a number one or equivalent all over.

The 18 year old lad who loves you doing his hair because all his mates like it.

The lady who normally has a shampoo and set but fancies trying a blow-dry.

The juniors who are dedicated to their job and are always smiling. The lady with knee length hair who wants it all cut off ( at last! ).

The polite children who give you mummies coins as a tip plus a thank you peck on the cheek.

The dirty family that walks past your salon.

The relative who becomes hyper about the miracle you just created on her sister and says she'll recommend you to everyone.

The customers that buy every product you tell them they need.

The relatives who wait in the waiting area (quietly reading ).

The mothers who tuck a 'tenna' in your tip box and ask when you are next in.

The children who want to sweep the floor and do so outside the salon (using the old broom ).

The 15 year old who politely tell mum they have a new idea for their hairstyle and mum lets it happen.

But best of all the customers you secretly fancy who turn you red and it feels like last year since you saw them last!!

So do you passionately love your job?
Are you one of the happiest labourers in Britain?


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