Are you an Exceptional Employer?

The final (and most important) stage of recruitment is once you have found the 'right' staff you need to look after them! 

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is to retain people.  They spend significant amounts of time recruiting and selecting their chosen employees and then they forget that they need looking after. 

We have put together a check list as a guide for employers who want to keep good staff and minimize the times when they actually need to recruit.

Check List

Every employee should have or be involved in the following:

  • Induction process
    Make sure you have a structured introduction into the company giving new staff the chance to acclimatize to their new environment.  Involve them with the team and help them to settle in quickly.  Ensure they are confident in their job before they are let loose on customers.
  • Training plan
    Discuss training needs and put together a plan so employees can look forward to upcoming training courses.
  • Personal development plan
    Map out a plan for each member of your staff.  Get their input on how they would like to develop, what is important to them
  • Recognition scheme
    Acknowledge great work, outstanding performance, someone who went the extra mile.
  • Communication strategy / meetings / feedback
    Get your staff to be involved, be transparent and encourage two way communication.
  • Team building “ have fun!  
  •  Incentive scheme 
    This is designed to motivate.  Find out what motivates individual employees and tailor the incentives accordingly.
  • Appraisals / reviews
    A time for both the employee and you to review performance and instigate a plan for further improvement and development
  • Awards / competitions
    Give your team a challenge and something to work towards.  Excellent morale booster if they do well.
  • Exit strategy
    Encourage your staff to grow.  Know when it is time for them to move on.  Conduct exit interviews so you can obtain feedback and improve your employee satisfaction
  • Measure employee satisfaction
    Internal surveys or external assessment.  Check out The Olive Awards

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