Barbara Huber, Cosmetologist and Spa Therapist with Steiner

My occupation is my passion as is travelling and meeting new people. Steiner gave me the opportunity to put those two passions together. Steiner gave me the chance to work on board beautiful passenger cruise ship, in outstanding SPA Department. I have had the chance to meet colleagues from 47 countries working in other departments as well... My good work is always appreciated. I was twice voted employee of the month, when I was awarded with a nice dinner with other colleagues on board hosted by the Capitan. (I'm the lady in black & Sliver dress below. All Glamorous for the occasion).

I have been to places I never thought I would see. Such places as:- Caribbean Islands, USA, Mexico, Belize, Hawaii, Alaska and much more... I had so many adventures during my contracts and met so many friends from different cultures;

What else could I ask for?? If you are Beauty therapist, Massage Therapist, Nail technician, Hairdresser or Fitness Instructor, you speak English, and you want to find your dream the recruiter. Is easy.. If I could do it.. You can do it too... good luck :)

Barbara Huber - Cosmetologist and Spa Therapist

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