Baring all...only the Brave!

Hello my health and beauty devotees. I have decided to 'break you in gently' with this weeks packed article which I have duly labelled.. yes labelled.. 'only the brave'. I watch with utter delight this week and complete unashamedness? the joy of seeing one third of Britons on a certain TV Channel, advocating the increasing size of the British public and how.. we should love and be proud of our 'everyday non-average body forms'.

Whilst I always dance with delight at Trinny and Susannah's professional conquests to enable all of us that were ... yes were ... ardent blondes .. to revert back to a more natural shade of colour matching our skin tone and to further invest in a fantastic support bra to be combined with the advice to duly take note of not revealing our upper arms unless we've been working out 4 times a week and for at least 21 out of the 24 hours in any given day (que .. Madge!...) and Gok Wan.. (who I utterly and absolutely addorrrre) telling us to 'stop judging and to start loving'

I do feel like saying .. well YES, that's great but hard to take when you've been dumped recently for a chick who YOU feel is hotter than you or ... it's bloated week before which is before chocolate week or it is indeed ... ultimately,, Rag week where even looking at something lovely makes you want to cry (or maybe that's just me?)

I digress.,. stick with me.. all of this good advice goes flying out the back door or dissipates into a thousand cream egg bubbles when you're feeling low, menstrual or indeed - with no spare time or no spare money to do the whole..Me time gig with waxing hair do..or just buying a good cleanser .. the list goes on.

Believe me girls .. I've been there .. when all your girlfriends are coming back from the salons be it the nails, the waxing or the colour and you're sitting there feeling really low thinking OK... it's gotta be the chemist colour and the horror looming of .. crikey what make .. let alone choosing colour and then OMG .. what if all goes Pete Tong! These fears alone, trust me, drive a normal woman to behave totally irrationally.

But having recently been taken to a really fabulous Spa in the fantastic Hertfordshire countryside (huge ta and love Norma) it hit me like a brick.. and I mean like a brick - that our body shapes may only be half the problem. I had suffered a nasty thing on my leg which (2 months later and 3 GP spots down the line) I found out was a nasty bite... whilst my body wasn't and isn't perfect (except that I'm blessed with a healthy one presently..thank you God!)

The only embasbarrasment and retreating was being done by me. It was me, not wanting to enter the spa pool, me not wanting to sit in the sauna and me getting my knickers in a twist about what people might think of the nasty (what affectionately became know as ) blob on my leg and no one else.

The moral of this story my gorgeous, lovely health and beauty devotees is that, yes we all have hang ups about our boobs, legs or bum (and guys I'm sure you are the same although not in that order, or indeed those parts!) but, if we can stop even for just one important day or days that are meant to be happy ones (as my birthday was) or even for a short while to STOP and truly STOP what WE feel other people may or may not be thinking about us.. then perhaps we can learn to love (even in small bite size chunks) the wonderful little beings that we are and that .. getting up each day unaided with all our bits and bobs .. be them wobbly, pimply or grey.. that we are very lucky little chickpeas.

Oh for the record ... blob on said leg or not ... I got soooo .. checked out by Jason.. (who was staying there) and just in case he asks girls .. Yes, I am free for a coffee and slice of cake!

Until next month my gorgeous creatures.. admire and be grateful for just one aspect or little thing about wonderful YOU this month!

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