Be Gentle with Us!

They run training courses for Beauty therapists so wouldn't it make sense to have a similar course, albeit shorter for mortals entering the wonderful world of Salons. As a lover of all things beautiful and how to become even more beautiful under the loving care and attention of immaculately groomed therapists, I feel I am reasonably qualified to comment on such things. For your world is daunting and I have so many stories that would highlight my need and no doubt many others for such help? Please be patient I have one such story to tell but that comes a little later.

My love of beauty and products has always been present and I am no novice when it comes to such things. So let me tell you a little about me first and how I qualified. My bathroom cabinets are full of lotions, potions, anti aging creams, eye serums, neck creams and anti lifting creams for the decollete. As for my numerous make up bags that I and several teams of New York cheer leaders, catwalk models by the droves and all my friends could never hope to wear out even if we were heavily caked in make up day and night¦Well, let's not go there.

How did I ever acquire so much? Face and nail products all bought on the spur of the moment, browsing the make up aisles, inviting stores and well groomed assistants. All aimed at people like me who cannot leave without clutching a bag of newly purchased beauty products.

Yet it was probably more likely finally discovering the shopping channel. They convinced me I definitely needed to try the latest new brand and/or brands as they suddenly seemed far superior to all of mine!! They gave me even more ammunition when going out in the big wide world of beauty stands and beauty salons. My friends love me, when they visit my home they always leave laden with my recent purchases that don't quite suit me or body lotions that don't feel quite right; smiling as they wave goodbye.

Let me return to the world of beauty salons and therapists. You have to remember it's a new world for mere mortals and to treat us gently but not in a mother superior patronizing kind of way. I did promise you one of my stories to show how the public need guidance and don't want to disappoint the readers.

Picture the scene; whilst working on the QE2 as a croupier I decided I should visit the Salon and Spa on board. One thing I had always yearned to try was a sauna so imagine my joy to discover they had one.

It was fairly early and I was on duty later that morning so it seemed to be a good time to visit, perfect. I had been given a towelling robe by the receptionist and headed off for the sauna. I looked around for a seat and settled back relaxing enjoying the warmth, it wasn't too hot as my friends had described. With my eyes closed I let my mind wander off to far away lands enjoying my time of indulgence when my thoughts were interrupted by a door opening. I turned my head and saw a half naked women appear with a bucket in her hand. I watched as she walked to the faucet tap fill her bucket and walk back towards the wooden door which she closed behind her.

Slowly, realisation dawned ¦¦ this was obviously the cool down area and behind that door laid the sauna!! Feeling too stupid to follow her inside I stood up pride intact and returned to my cabin. 'How was your sauna' my friends casually asked, then promptly fell about laughing when I recounted my sauna story.

You see us mere mortals need some gentle guidance and help now and again. Remember how daunting it seemed on your first day of training and you were surrounded by like minded trainee beauty therapists. Remember, you started somewhere and there is just one of us so please be gentle especially with when you have that hot wax in your hands!!

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