Beauty Call to the Rescue!

Beauty Call is here to fulfil this want.

Since February 2009 Beauty Call, the hair and makeup artist agency, has taken more than 500 enquiries for jobs at weddings, hen parties, special occasions, proms, corporate events and summer music festivals.

Business is definitely still booming, and as a result, Beauty Call franchises are now available throughout the UK.

It's Beauty Call's aim to keep its services local to it's customers, so we need professionally trained hair and makeup artists to take on a franchise in their local postcodes.

With a low initial franchise fee and minimal ongoing costs, a franchisee can be in profit after just 12 jobs.

It's anticipated that each franchise should reach a minimum of 80 jobs per year (that's only one and a half a week), so it's something that can be easily run alongside other work commitments.  Our current franchisees are achieving well over this figure.

An attractive initial sign-up package, including flyers, price and business cards, an exhibition banner, car stickers,  and their first wedding fair paid for, ensures that a franchisee can start working from Day 1.

With full-time support from head office, a franchisee will receive all the help they need to make their franchise a success.  Pilot schemes were successfully run to ensure the online booking management system works smoothly, and our current franchisees are already pushing ahead with bookings for summer 2010.

A franchise is perfect for people who are ultimately looking to build a full-time hair and makeup business that can give them financial stability and freedom to pick and choose their work.

Beauty Call appeals to artists from all backgrounds/experience and doesn't discriminate against age.

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Contact:                               Phil Mowat
                                            Franchise Director
                                            Tel:         07833 473410

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