Beauty Counter Manager

Job Description (What the job involves)

Beauty  Counter Managers are responsible for ensuring the smooth running and profitability of a beauty product houses counter display usually within the fragrances/beauty products/ women’s accessory floor of a  department store. The size of the the counter they are responsible for will depend in many ways on the brand and the number of products needing to be retailed.

Benefit cosmetic counters tend to be very compact and not taking up much room whilst other brands like Elemis can take up double the floor space owing to the selection of skincare products to be displayed.

Typical responsibilities of a Beauty Counter Manager

  • Management of beauty retail counter assistants

Beauty Counter Managers are responsible for a team of retail beauty counter staff whose job it is to both promote and sell the products on the stand. It is the role of the Beauty Counter Manager to ensure that these staff are well trained, organised and motivated. 

    Training is a key element as beauty retail jobs are front customer facing and the Counter manager will want to ensure their staff provide the very best customer service possible building where a good rapport to ensure repeat business. Some beauty companies will have strict guidelines and procedures for ensuring their products are sold in a certain way even down the words that are used to describe different products. It will be the role of the Beauty Counter manager to observe their staff and ensure such company guidelines are being followed and standards met.

    Organisation. The Beauty Counter manager will  be responsible for organising the staffing rotas to ensure that the beauty stand is effectively manned at all times. They’ll also have to take into account peak trading periods like Christmas and staff accordingly.

    Motivating beauty counter staff is another key requirement of Beauty Counter managers. Not all beauty advisors will relish the relentless pursuit of sales targets and it will be down to the manager to provide incentives and initiatives that will keep their team motivated. This is especially important in quiet times when boredom is more likely to set in.
  • Setting and achieving sales targets
    Each beauty counter manager will typically report into an area sales manager and be given sales targets that are expected of their individual counter. These targets may be broken down into daily targets and even detail the percentage of those sales that should be taken on a credit card. Sales targets may also include details of new products the company wants the individual counter teams to focus on promoting and selling. 

It is the job of the beauty counter manager to communicate these targets to the rest of the team and to come up with whatever strategies and tactics are necessary to achieve these targets as well as motivating the team by coming up with sales incentives (bonuses, free products etc) for hitting their targets.
  • Organisation of the display stand.
    Product display is key to the success of the beauty counter staff in retailing its brands products. It is the responsibility of the beauty counter manager to organise their staff in ensuring the stand is both immaculate, clean and that the products are displayed according to their companies requirements. Some cosmetic  companies will issue diagrams detailing how each of their products should be displayed to ensure uniformity across all their counters and that their products are displayed to maximum effect.
  • Stock control.
    Good stock control is essential to the successful running of any beauty retail operation. A good beauty counter manager will ensure that stock levels are monitored on a regular basis, making sure that product lines are constantly replenished.
  • Ambassador of the brand.
    Beauty counter managers as well as the team of beauty retail assistants that work for them are employed to act as ambassadors and role models of the brand of cosmetic, skincare, fragrance or beauty products that they represent. It is their responsibility to ensure that each and every customer leaves with a positive impression of that brand; from the visual appearance of the products displayed and knowledge and information provided by the sales assistants to the service they received...

Skills and Personal Qualities

  • Attention to detail. Presentation is everything when it comes to retailing beauty products especially where the display of the products is concerned. The beauty counter manager needs excellent attention to detail to note when certain items are out of stock and need replenishing, to note spillages that need mopping up and when product displays need tidying up. Their attention to detail isn’t just confined to the appearance of the stand but the appearance of their staff who should look polished and well groomed at all times.
  • Excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Excellent personal communication skills are essential in any retail manager to ensure their team are well informed, inspired and effectively led and customers given  great customer service.
  • Strong customer service skills

  • Understanding of make-up and artistry skills
  • Good selling skills
  • Commercial accumen
  • Good with numbers

Entry Requirements

Some product brands will require that their retail staff have some form of beauty qualifications i.e. therapy or makeup whilst for other brands there will be no requirement for qualifications. Most beauty counter managers will have worked their way up from being a beauty counter assistant as a concrete understanding of retailing is essential. Most beauty counter management jobs require that applicants have at least 2 years experience retailing beauty/cosmetic products and some supervisory/management experience.

Applicants for counter management vacancies will also have to demonstrate they can both set and achieve sales targets and have a strong knowledge of and passion for the cosmetics industry.

Opportunities and Progression

The outlook for beauty counter managers is very positive indeed with beauty retail doing well despite the current recession. Counter managers can progress to become area sales managers, departmental managers or store managers.


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Potential Salary and Benefits

It can be hard to give a definitive guide to earnings for beauty counter managers as much of what they earn is based around target commissions. And salaries often fluctuate widely depending on experience, the brand hiring and location.

Salaries can range from around £18,500 to £28,000 per annum

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