Beauty industry: Five main rules in promotion sphere.

Basically, it is impossible to build a successful business without such management organizations, taking into consideration the strong business competition on the market and high requirements for the customer service.

But every industry has its own rules. Here it is essential not only to attract a new clients, but to also keep great and friendly relationships with already loyal customers, that is – to retain them. So what is worth special attention for the specialists who are responsible for the beauty service promotion?

I'll ignore such traditional methods as PR, advertisement and promotional

events, but will talk more about other different aspects which it can involve.

Principle 1. Pay your attention to attractive projects for yours clients.

It should be like a tradtition to carry out activities which are "for the soul".

For example you can arrange your own food and wine, music events, auctions meetings with popular personalities. Bottom line – you need to know what can be really interesting for your targeted audience. There is a need to choose between listening the jazz music or French wine tasting, enjoying the poetry or peeking the brushwork?

Principle 2. Always get the feedback from your clients.

It is not so important to make the conduct survey. Such contacts are increasing the distance between clients and you. Live conversation will be always your best choice. You can also perform the trainings with your staff after which the specialists can learn how to get the feedback from the customers.

For those who are visiting the parlor there should be an opportunity and selection of ways to leave feedback. In future this can influence the quality of your company performance.

Principle 3. Besides the basic systems of discounts you need to provide bonuses to

Those clients who came to you through Internet search. For example targeted customer may locate your company in the social networks. So you always need to find the time for reminding everyday about yourself in social networks.

Let it be one short phrase but nevertheless it needs to be done. You should arrange different quizzes and attractive promotions, special programs and bonuses in your Social networks. The network audience is so different that it will be near-impossible to exhaust the whole resource.

Principle 4. To build up a promotion policy

in a proper way you need to involve all the specialists of your company. Business service is a team work, and the more tightly-welded the team is the more ideas will be born in such tandem.

Let the specialists provide the ideas of their new procedures and


Principle 5. Service industry is totally different in products trade.

Here you cannot feel and touch and check for taste. How often the costumers just trust the company. This credence should be always proved. That's why you need to allow them more freedom. Let them improvise and create their own.

Do not forget to suggest something new. All good things come to the who

waits and searches. So search and build the career with Jooble

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