Beauty Recruitment Consultant

Job Description (What the job involves)

Within the beauty industry there are specialist recruitment agencies that assist a whole range of beauty employers such as salons, spas and clinics recruit staff for their businesses. A beauty recruitment consultant will typically source a selection of candidates to match their client's vacancy requirements and will consider a good job has been done when the client takes on and appoints one of their proposed candidates to the vacant position.

What does a beauty recruitment consultant do?

Below are some of the more common tasks that a beauty recruitment consultant will undertake;

  • Meet with potential clients - Beauty recruitment consultants will often meet with potential clients so that they can establish a more personable working relationship, explain their agency's terms of business and really get to grips with the client's requirements. This can often best be achieved when face to face
  • Understand the client's brief - having a crystal clear understanding of the recruitment brief is key to the role of a recruitment consultant as without this they will be unlikely to provide a selection of candidates that meet their client's requirements. In a bid to understand the sort of person their client is seeking to recruit the consultant may visit the company to look around the premises and get a feel for the ethos and culture, the nature of the environment, types of people that already work there. In addition the beauty recruitment consultant will ask a series of questions to tease out of the employer what exactly they are looking for in their new employee
  • Publicise their client's vacancies - A big part of the role is taken up with writing enticing recruitment adverts to attract in candidates for their client's vacancies. Included in the advert will typically be a little about the benefits of working for their client's company, details about what the job will entail and the sort of experience, skills and qualifications the job requires.  Recruitment agencies will post details of their client's vacancies onto their own website and often also online job boards. At times beauty recruitment agencies may also place advertisements in specialist industry magazine publications like Professional Beauty, Guild News, Scratch, Vitality to name a few.
  • Head hunt candidates - For particularly difficult roles either because of their location or list of particularly challenging requirements a recruitment consultant may resort to head hunting tactics to reach out to suitable candidates. This may involve accessing CV databases and conducting searches or in approaching individuals that have been recommended to them or found on employment networking sites like Linkedin.
  • Meeting with candidates - Reputable beauty recruitment agencies will have a policy of meeting with all candidates that they take on their books. This is because the quality of candidates they put forward for positions directly reflects on the name and reputation of the agency. The recruitment consultant will want to reassure themselves that the candidate is well presented, genuine, has an amiable personality, enthusiasm and all the other basics that companies look for. In addition they'll be looking to properly scope out the candidates skills, experiences, qualifications and aspirations so they can match them up to jobs that will not only benefit them but also the employer.
  • Carrying out trade tests - For therapist roles in particular it won't be sufficient for some agencies to  simply meet with the candidate. They may also wish to trade test the therapist to determine whether they can give a good massage, facial or apply nail polish etc. This very real role play scenario also gives the recruitment consultant a good idea as to how the therapist presents themselves to customers when delivering their treatments. Did they make the recruitment consultant feel at ease? Were they at all communicative?
  • Assess candidate CV's - Before a candidate can be put forward for a position the beauty recruitment consultant will want to satisfy themselves that the CV is doing the candidate justice. Inevitably there will be candidates who will have to re-do their CV or tweak it according to the recruitment executive's advice before it can be sent to the client.
  • Giving career advice - It is in the beauty recruitment consultant's interest that any candidates they put forward impress the hiring employer on the day of the interview. As such they will offer the candidate advice on how to present themselves, offer their understanding of what they client is looking for and some advice on how to tackle any potentially difficult questions they may be asked.

Upsides and Downsides

Recruitment is a highly competitive arena. Companies don't always give exclusive rights to a particular agency and therefore your agency may be up against multiple other agencies all frantically trying to build a shortlist of candidates for the same position. It can be demoralising if you've invested a significant amount of time in seeking quality candidates and preparing them for interview if at the final hour someone else's candidate is appointed.

The environment can be surprisingly high pressure with each recruitment consultant working to sales targets which they can only achieve if the candidates they put forward for vacancy positions are awarded the job.
On the flip side the work can be enormously rewarding when the news comes through that one of your client's wishes to hire someone you've put forward and you realise you've been instrumental in helping someone realise their dreams. And of course the commission you've just earned yourself is pretty welcome too!

Skills and Personal Qualities

A wide variety of skills are required if you're going to be successful in the highly competitive world of beauty recruitment. Below we list the most common requirements:

  • Well groomed and polished appearance
  • Able to communicate effectively at all levels within an organistation
  • Selling!
  • Presenting skills
  • Negotiating skills
  • Excellent communication
  • Very articulate
  • Good written skills
  • Able to cope in a pressured environment
  • Ability to cope with rejection

Entry Requirements

Within the beauty industry most beauty recruitment consultants have some form of previous experience working within the industry, for example as a beauty therapist or spa manager.

Potential Salary and Benefits

For the very best beauty recruitment consultants, earnings can be very good indeed. Your are certainly in control of your earnings as on top of a basic, recruitment consultants earn commission in line with their placements.

Your basic salary can fall anywhere between £18K and £28K depending on experience and there is usually a  monthly threshold to cross (usually around £5K) before you are eligible to start earning commission on top of your basic salary. Commission is sometimes placed on a sliding scale so that after the threshold you might start on earning for yourself 10% commission, this rising to maybe 15% or even 20% when the next threshold is reached.


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