Beauty Rooms to Rent with Fitness First

How many of us dream of starting and running our own business, of having the freedom to make our own decisions and stamp our personality and beliefs onto a business only to discard all thoughts surrounding this because we have no idea where to start!

At we are frequently contacted by therapists and holistic practitioners who share this dream and seek advice on what steps they should take to set up their own business. We were aware of the opportunities throughout the UK to lease concessionary treatment rooms through Fitness First and thought it would be interesting to find out exactly what was on offer.

Fitness First is recognised first and foremost as being the world's largest health and fitness group. What I was pleasantly surprised to learn is that they've helped over 430 people nationwide set up their own business, their longest serving concessionaire being a stylist of some 13 years. Beneficiaries include but are not limited to therapists, life coaches, physiotherapists, hairdressers, sports injury specialists and complementary therapy practitioners. There has also been an increase in recent years of those within the aesthetics sector benefiting, namely Botox Doctors, teeth whitening specialists and Laser specialists.

So what exactly do they get?

Fitness First offer you everything that you need to start your own business and make it a success.  Each room is freshly decorated for each incoming tenant and comes at a fixed monthly rental fee (dependent on size and location) that includes everything you need; lighting and fixtures, utilities, business rates and council tax. This 'all in' monthly package fee approach certainly takes the headache away of unexpected variable costs hitting your margins and makes for much easier business forecasting.

How does Fitness First compete with cheaper room rates out on the High Street?

There has been a noticeable trend in recent months for salons to rent out their spare rooms to therapists; and while it may be possible to rent rooms that are cheaper elsewhere, there are a multitude of valuable reasons why setting your business up within the safe confines of a Fitness First club make perfect sense.

Being associated with a market leader and recognisable brand gives each concessionaire instant credibility. And each concessionaire obviously further benefits from the excellent location of Fitness First Clubs being in areas of high footfall and passing traffic. Asides from being able to attract passing non club members, concessionaires also have access to a readymade database and captive audience of between 2500 to 6000 gym members.

Concessionaires have the full operational back up from the Club's general manager, cross selling from the clubs training staff and the ability to tap into numerous 'outreach' days in and around local towns and shopping centres.    

The whole process Fitness First have of helping individuals set up their own small business has been developed over many years and is subject to constant revision. Even before each tenant has opened their door to the public they are given a full comprehensive list of everything they need to have checked and in place. From PAT testing of equipment and having the correct insurances and licenses through to health and safety checks, the check list leaves no stone unturned.

So can anyone take on a room?

Fitness First are very careful not to rent out rooms within a club to similar professions. "We can't go creating a 'conflict of interest!" they say.

They look for good quality people who have the appropriate qualifications, experience working in their sector and who value customer service and client care as much as they do generating a turnover. People who don't only talk about making things happen, but actually make things happen.  People who can put together a sensible business plan. People with great social skills! People who have self-belief, self motivation and a GREAT ATTITUDE!

First stage in the screening process is with the Fitness First club manager. Those that get past this stage are then invited through for a consultation where you will be able to discuss in detail your business ideas and Fitness First can give guidance on what you need to include in your business plan; budgets and cash forecasts, SWOT analysis, marketing plan, business strategy...

New tenants must have secured the necessary funds to set up their business, have the necessary qualifications and experience, have fulfilled all specified start-up requirements and have submitted and had approved their business plans before they are allowed to rent one of their rooms. That way they stand a good chance of succeeding in their dreams.

What if it all doesn't go to plan?

Although Fitness First work hard to help eliminate a lot of the risks and give each business a solid start and support base, there are those that will come to the conclusion that working for themselves is not for them. Fitness First do offer the opportunity to exit the lease after 6 months. They also give concessionaires the flexibility to part share their treatment rooms, to sub let the room themselves out to complimentary businesses and by doing so manage their fledging businesses more effectively.

Do you want to grab the opportunity to run your own business?

There are currently  concessionary rooms on offer throughout the Fitness First group for health and beauty practitioners to take on as their own. Click here for current availability.

If you have the qualities Fitness First seek and can offer a service that would sit well within a Fitness First Club then contact Linda Travers today on 01202 845685 for a confidential chat.

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