Beauty Salon Manager

Job Description (What the job involves)

Beauty salon managers have a highly important role  as they are responsible for the day to day running of the salon. They ensure that the salon is running smoothly and efficiently and that staff are allocated the correct work load for their skills; they also make sure client satisfaction is maintained and treatments are of a consistently high standard.

Salon managers also have to be fully up to date in all aspects of Health and Safety guidelines to both national and local government requirements.

They are also responsible for discipline and the hiring and dismissing of staff and, where necessary, organising staff rotas and holidays.

Hours and Working Environment

The Salon Manger’s average working hours would normally be between 38 – 42 per week and they would be expected to provide cover for staff off sick so this could mean that they may have to exceed the hours they themselves are contracted to do.

Salon mangers are employed in beauty salons and spas, and, on occasions, beauty training establishments employ salon managers to run their commercial training salons.

Upsides and Downsides


  • Good rates of pay in comparison to  being employed as a beauty therapist.
  • Having a say in how a salon is run and setting and monitoring your own high standards.
  • Involvement in introducing new products and services.
  • Pride in your salon when it achieves the targets set by the owner for sales and treatments.


  • Being in management can make you feel quite “alienated “ from your therapist staff in the salon as you are in a position where professionalism has to be maintained at all times even on social occasions and therefore you cannot discuss personal matters or get too “ friendly” with the “staff “  A professional attitude is essential when you are in salon management as you can't afford to be emotional when it comes to the job.

    After all it could be that as the salon manager you will be expected to reprimand staff if they are not meeting either your or the salons professional standards. Even to dismiss staff if they do not adhere to salon rules and regulations etc.
  • It can be extremely stressful at times running a busy salon, keeping the staff happy and covering for sickness and holiday cover etc.You may be expected to cover for staff illness by stepping in at short notice to cover treatments and this sometimes could happen on your scheduled day off or you may even be called back from a holiday, remember your higher rate of pay reflects these occasional inconveniences.

Skills and Personal Qualities

  • Ability to use your initiative when undertaking decision making
  • Exemplary organisational skills including timekeeping and keeping records.
  • Ability to keep a cool and level head when faced with working under pressure and being able to deal with problems which may arise on a day to day basis in a stress free and calm manner.
  • Team leadership qualitiess i.e. being a good motivational speaker and example setter to the rest of your staff during team meetings and one to one discussions.
  • Excellent knowledge of the beauty therapy industry and an up to date skill set when it comes to preforming treatments.
  • Good “people” skills , as a manager you must be able to understand and assist staff if they need help or are having difficulty which affect their work for example if a salon staff member is having child care problems and cant get into work it is the salon managers duty to see if the staff member hours can be adjusted to suit her current situation.
  • Ability to remain fair and professional at all times
  • Ability to deal with “difficult” salon situations such as client complaints and staff disagreements in a diplomatic fashion.
  • An up to date and through knowledge of current health and safety in the workplace regulations.
  • Ability to carry out “In Salon” risk assessments
  • Excellent cash handing skills and in some large spas and salons accountancy skills would be an advantage.
  • Willingness to work flexible hours.
  • Have exceptional customer care skills .

Opportunities and Progression

Many salon managers may wish to go on to own their own beauty salons.
If the salon you are employed to manage is a franchise or national brand with multi branches you may have the opportunity to become a regional manager .

Salon managers can add to their skills by training to be N.V.Q assessors in beauty therapy and assessments could then be carried out in the salons in which they are employed.

Industry Outlook

Recent research has found that even in these tough economic times the beauty industry is on the rise once again.

This is partially to do with excellent management in  beauty salons.

Good salon mangers have listened to the clients needs by lowering  treatment prices and  advertising salon special offers to entice footfall  through the salon door.

With new beauty salons opening up every day on the high streets and the new “ spa” culture good salon mangers are in great demand.

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Potential Salary and Benefits

A salon manger can be expected to ear between £16,000 to £22,000 per annum depending on the salons location.

Benefits can vary depending on your employment but as an example some spas offer staff free gym memberships and discounted treatments and products to their staff.

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