Beauty Therapy NVQ Assessor

Job Description (What the job involves)

Beauty therapy assessors use their professional expertise to support and help train students training to gain vocational qualifications in the subject of beauty therapy (N.V.Q's).

The assessor will assess candidate using various methods and standards set by the N.V.Q training provider.

They do this by observation and questioning and setting coursework and exams.

The assessors work closely with their candidates and the training or management staff either in colleges or in the salon workplace.

And after assessment if the candidates meet the vocational standards set they are considered competent to work in the industry.

Hours and Working Environment

The majority of beauty therapy assessors are also qualified tutors within training establishments such as further education collges and training schools, but with the new apprenticeship frameworks in place many salons are using qualified assessors within their salons and spas to support and assess their apprentices in the workplace.

Further education colleges and training schools hold day and evening commercial salons open to the public for the candidates to gain experience and assessment opportunities.

Working hours

This will vary depending on your place of employment but if it was within a further education college it would be term time based with some assessment being performed in the evening commercial salons and with the possibilty of other hours assessing apprenticeships in their workplaces.

Upsides and Downsides

The upsides

  • Excellent rates of pay
  • Sharing your knowledge and skills
  • Pathway into lecturing and other roles in education
  • Good holidays if working within a college
  • Extremely rewarding seeing your candidates succeed and going on to become beauty therapists in the industry and at a standard you as their assessor have observed and supported.

The downsides

  • At times assessing can be extremely stressful and demanding
  • When telling a candidate they are not competent at a treatment or task it can be difficult especially if the candidate feels happy with the treatment or task they've just performed.
  • This is why it is so important that you as the assessor is completely confident in your knowledge and have followed the assessment crieria to the letter!
    And you must not let personal feelings enter the assessment situation after all as the assessor you are assessing competence to the standards ser by the N.V.Q or V.T.C.T council and not your own standards, so if a mistake made by the candidate occurs you have to be very strict and not worry about causing disappointment when you have to find the candidate non-competent on that occasion.

Skills and Personal Qualities

  • Thorough knowledge of all aspects of the beauty subject/unit you are assessing
  • At least 3 years of professional experience is desirable in order to gain a good understanding of the industry
  • Excellent organisational skills are essential as you will have to work to assessment timescales and term times if working in an F.E establishment
  • Also as an assessor you must make assessment opportunities available for your candidates and this may mean arranging commercial salons and booking in clients at suitable times for the candidates.
  • Ability to keep precise records of assessments and to give clear written feedback
  • Excellent observational skills when assessing on a busy salon situation such as observing reception skills where you are watching the candidate's vocational skills closely for any errors which could find them not competent at the standards set by N.V.Q or V.T.C.T
    In a college training salon this could mean observing and questioning up to 5-6 students in one assessment session.
  • Excellent communciation  skills to be able to support and give clear advice on the assessment process to candidates.
  • Ability to work as part of a team supporting the training/tutoring staff which will include attending regualar internal verification meetings as well as from time to time being observed whilst in an assessment situation by an external verifier (this is a necessity as assessment standards have to be kept to and maintained and kept the same throughout the country.

Entry Requirements

As well  as at least a level 3 qualification in the subject of beauty therapy you must have a good and preferably extensive background of professional salon experience.

  • Level 3 certificate in assessing candidates using a range of methods (A1 assessors award)
  • Level 3 certificate in assessing candidates performance through observation (A2)

These qualifications can typically take between 6-12 months to complete and are offered by many further education colleges and training providers. And some of this training will involve the actual assessing of two candidates in the training environment through to the completion of three units of competent work. It is possible to be trained whilst working within a beauty department in a further educational establishment either as a tutor or as support staff.

To find out more options on training and courses offered it may be a good idea to contact your lcoal college.

Also it may be beneficial to contact your old beauty department where you gained your qualifications and enquire if they would mind if you can "shadow" an assessor there for the day to see what the job entails.

Opportunities and Progression

Beauty therapy assessors can go on to train to be internal verifiers (I.V's) and with further assessing experience may be given the chance to train to become external verifiers (E.V's) who are employed by the N.V.Q examining council to visit educational establishments to monitor and ensure the N.V.Q quality standards are being met and a parity is maintained with all assessments conducted.

Also many therapists go on to become beauty therapy tutors.

Potential Salary and Benefits

Some assessors combine the role with their existing salon jobs, some are self employed and work on a freelance basis travelling to salons to assess their candidates.

Others are part time and some are free time within training establishments, however because you need to assess candidates in their workplace there may be some evening or weekend work involved and you must be willing to travel.

In a permanent  full time role the salary for a beauty assessor can be between £16,000 - £22,000 and hourly rates can be around £19 - £21 per hour.

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