Beauty trends for 2017

Published on: 1 Jun 2017

Glossy Eyelids

A huge make-up trend this year is glossy eyelids. Up until now, shiny eyelids have proven more of an editorial fashion shoot look than an everyday beauty trend but with leading make-up brands bringing out eye glosses, the look is set to hit the mainstream in a big way.

M.A.C is selling a Studio Eye Gloss, £16, which it says “provides high shine and can be used to enhance pigments or provide a wash of gloss and a hint of colour when applied by itself”. While cosmetics brand Kevyn Aucoin has brought out The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss, which costs £30.05 and is advertised as “a non-tacky, light-weight gloss which transforms any eye shadow colour into a high shine, glassy finish.” Brands like Surratt are adding their own twist to the trend, with a duo eyeshadow palette called Prismatique Eyes, £30.05, which includes a clear gloss and a shimmery eye-shadow. When applied together, the two create a mesmerizing luminous look.



The latest twist on contouring is “blush draping”. The look, which was seen all over the runways ahead of spring 2017, involves accentuating the contours of the face using blusher rather than a traditional contouring palette featuring brown, beige and white hues. With blush-draping, blusher is applied around the cheekbones to create an angular and contoured look, while the make-up on the rest of the face is kept simplistic, further accentuating the cheekbone area. A popular palette for blush-draping is the Nars NYX Professional Makeup Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette, £17, which includes eight highly pigmented shades.

Extreme blusher looks featured in shows by designers such as Kenzo, in which blusher was applied around the cheekbone area and temples and was accentuated by bold pink eyeshadow. This striking look has been sported on the red carpet by stars such as Kristen Stewart but a more pared down alternative is set to be big in 2017.


Holographic make-up

Holographic make-up is set to be all the rage this year.

Beauty brands are awash with products such as lip glosses and eye shadows which show different tonal colours in the light, giving an iridescent and otherworldly look. Beauty bloggers are raving over M.A.C’s Mineralize Skin Finish, £24, a shimmer which offers a multidimensional hue with shades of blue pink and gold. Another hit product is the eye-catching Lip Switch lip gloss range by Sigma Beauty, which can turn the most simple make-up look into a serious fashion statement. The glosses, which cost £11, create a colourful oil spill look and have become a major hit among beauty bloggers, YouTubers and editors alike. It may not be an everyday look, but this is definitely a show-stopper to have in your repertoire for special occasions.

Making a comeback this year, Missy Elliot sported holographic make-up in the music video for her latest song, ‘I’m Better’, in which she has purple and black reflective lips. If you haven’t noticed the look on social media already, you can be sure to at some point in 2017.


Silicon sponges

They could pass as a big droplet of water, but silicon sponges are set to be a huge beauty trend, replacing the Beauty Blender as the go-to makeup applicator.

Created by Hong Kong-based indie make-up brand Molly Cosmetics, silicon sponges have proved a big hit among beauty lovers as they have a smooth non-porous surface and do not absorb any make-up product, meaning less wastage. The patty-like tool, which resembles a bra chicken fillet, is not only soft and flexible and easy to use on your face, but it’s also much easier to clean than a traditional makeup sponge. All you need to do is rinse it in soap and water and pat it off with a towel and it’s instantly dry, unlike the majority of make-up sponges which require squeezing, soaking and lengthy drying. Silicon sponges are also said to last longer too.

With all those benefits, it’s no surprise that silicon sponges are making their way from the realm of die-hard beauty experts to the mainstream, with dozens of brands now jumping on the bandwagon. Molly Cosmetics’ original Silisponge costs £7.90 and is now sold out, but Whippicakes, Chic Supply, The Brush Tools, Korah and Lonely Planet have also launched their own variations.


Fake Freckles

They may sound like something you’d wear to a dodgy fancy dress party, but leading make-up artists are predicting that fake freckles will be a big beauty trend for the summer of 2017.

Los Angeles-based brand Faux Freckles has led the way by bringing out sheets of freckles, costing £27.93, which you can purchase in varying shades and apply like a temporary tattoo directly to your skin. The freckles last up to 48 hours and the creators claim that unlike drawing on moles or freckles using a pencil, the Faux Freckles transfers will not smudge, giving you a natural and long-lasting look.

Fake freckles have already been used in YouTube make-up tutorials that aim to create the look of stars such as Lana Del Ray, but thanks to the latest innovations, their application just got a whole lot easier! Expect to see UK brands hopping on the back of this trend very soon.


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