Beauty when Pregnant

Skin health is also often impacted as the normal hormone changes during pregnancy can lead to acne, stretch marks, rashes, hyper pigmentation, spider veins and so on. We have all heard the term `pregnancy radiance`, but very few women are luckily enough to actually glow. In fact, most mums-to-be turn from the mirror at some point as they are plagued with a whole host of new breakouts and skin issues. Stress and fatigue which is nearly unavoidable during pregnancy to some degree, can also play havoc with your skin. There is good news however as most of these complaints, although irritating, will right themselves once the baby is born and the end result makes it all worthwhile. Meanwhile, there are plenty of skin-care treatments available to reduce these issues and give you a boost at a time when you deserve it most.
Spas are all the rage these days and most of them are very well geared up to the needs of pregnant women. Although there are many treatments that you can still indulge in when you`re pregnant, not all products, treatments and techniques are recommended during this time. It has been suggested that you should avoid all body treatments for the first three months and some essential oils are also not advised to be used at all during pregnancy. Due to factors such as these, it`s important when you choose a spa that you let them know that you`re pregnant, so they can help you choose the most appropriate treatment for you. A special pregnancy massage, body scrubs and facial treatments are all available allowing you to be properly pampered, relaxed and de-stressed in comfortable surroundings. Many spas and salons make an extra special fuss of pregnant clients, with massage beds which allow room for your bump and tailored treatments that are designed to give expectant mums that extra lift.

Once you are a little more relaxed and have a strategy for your skin and body sorted out, you can spend time doing all of the other lovely things that will help make you feel like the yummy mummy that you are. Put your newly manicured feet up, sip a cooling glass of skin hydrating water and shop from the comfort of your home to pick some gorgeous outfits from to compliment that spa radiant glow that your skin pampering has given yo

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