Benefits of the Job: Beautician

Published on: 31 Mar 2017


When you enter your career as a beautician there are many options open to you, which makes this an exciting industry to be a part of. You may choose to work full time in a spa, choose flexible hours as a beauty temp, rent a room in a salon or work as a self-employed mobile therapist.  Part of what is brilliant about being a self-employed beautician is that, whether you are a masseuse, a make-up artist, a skin therapist, or a hair stylist, you can work your own hours, making your working day as flexible as you need it to be. Your day will revolve around clients, bookings, consultations and appointments. So unless you are booked every minute of every day, which is up to you, you can work whenever suits you best; giving you the time to do whatever you want in-between, whether that be training or brushing up on skills, picking up the kids, going to school or just moonlighting.

Working in different venues

There are so many different environments to work in within the beauty industry which, again, adds to the variety of this career. You may choose to be employed within a salon or spa, on board a cruise ship or work from a studio in your own home. If you choose to specialise in makeup artistry you could even be working on location for photo shoots or fashion shows. Entering training roles or becoming an area manager will mean you are mostly on the road travelling the country to your clients which means not one day will be the same.

Working with what you’ve learnt

There are so many professions/trades which require so much knowledge and training to qualify, but very rarely will this knowledge be implemented when you actually get a job. But the good thing about being a beautician (or any trade really) is that you are guaranteed to use the knowledge you gained whilst training, whether that’s on a course or self-trained.

Being a beautician is something that you go into either because you are good at it or you genuinely enjoy it, this passion for your trade is one which not many other jobs give workers so in that sense the beautician is lucky to be doing what he/she loves.

Being a beautician means working closely with people and helping them achieve their ideal image of themselves. This is such a personal job and one that requires an absolute love of your work which all adds to overall job satisfaction. 


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