Benefits of a job as a Make-up Artist

Published on: 7 Jun 2016

Career variety

There are so many different areas of make-up artistry you are sure to find your niche. Being a make-up artist means you are able to choose to explore many varied mediums to work in which means you’ll never get bored of this role as it’s so expansive. You can always move into a different area of make-up so it almost feels like a whole new career.

Here a few-

Retail - A great place to start and where many top make-up artists are born! Retail work gives you the valuable experience of learning to work on many different faces which really helps to build up experience fast. You also gain an in depth knowledge of products which is particularly advantageous when building a kit, and with the added perk of staff discounts you also get to fill your kit with great product without breaking the bank!

Theatre - This is a lively and exhilarating area of make up to work in as it's fast paced and you only get one chance to get it right, perfect if you thrive under pressure and time constraints. You will also get experience working with hair and wigs and can go on to specialise in this area.

Film - A varied area to work in as you will work on many different faces and get to work out on locations too. You also can work as a daily, so booked for short period of days or you may be on a contract which could mean many months of work if you are working on a feature film.

TV - Again this can be very varied from working on live news shows and sports events to pre-recorded dramas and entertainment. You will be called upon to work with many different styles of hair and make-up thus gaining a great variety of skills.

Weddings - Many make-up artists work full time as bridal make-up artists due to the ever expanding bridal market, this is a lovely area to work in as you get to spend the most important day of someone's life with them helping to achieve their perfect day. There is also great scope to build a successful business solely based around this market as it is one of the areas of the economy with consistent growth.

Fashion - From editorials, Fashion Shows to beauty shoots this is a hugely varied career within this category and will really work well for you if you are very artistic as you will be able to unleash your inner creativity.

Music - Music artists require make-up artists for videos, promotional work and photo shoots. This could include working with an individual, a group or backing dancers and singers. You may also end up accompanying them on promotional work and tours.

Personal Make-Up Artist - You may be fortunate enough to work with someone who particularly likes your work and may choose to ask you to work with them on and ongoing basis. This would include their work, Personal appearances, interviews and any public appearances. This could become full time depending on their schedule.

Within make up itself there are many areas to train in and develop your skills, you don't have to stay in one area of make-up. It can lead to many changes within your career whilst still being in the same profession. As well as moving into different medias you may wish to develop your career and retrain or add to your current skill set. This will not only increase your employability but enhance your role too.

Areas of skill

Make-Up itself can provide a constant new challenge as there’s always scope to build on and advance your skillset. Keep training and studying to expand your portfolio of work and you could end up working in a completely different area of make-up than the one you started out in!

Special SFX - a great area to work in as it’s a totally different from straight make up but works well alongside this as it can be used in dramas and films and will involve casualty injuries to bullet wounds to scarring.

Prosthetics - a highly skilled area of make-up that takes years of training and experience to develop and is seen in film, TV, theatre and even fashion work.

Hairdressing - a great skill to have to set alongside make up. Many areas of media don't employ a separate hair and make-up artist so if you can do both you are instantly more employable and it adds a great element to your work.

Nail technician - a useful addition to your skill set and great to enable you to take your career in another direction too.

Employment Options

Make-up is an area of work that you can decide if you want the stability of a permanent job or the freedom of being your own boss and freelancing. There are limited staff jobs within certain areas of make-up and each role is highly sought after and very competitive so freelancing may be your preferred option.

If you decide to become freelance you get to be your own boss and run your own business which is hard at times but very rewarding, you probably end up working more and having less time off but when you love what you do you miss it when you're not doing it and as the saying goes ‘’ love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life! ‘’

As a make-up artist you get to work with many different people, it's a really trusted role and you can become a great confidant and friend. It's so empowering and satisfying to see how make up transforms people and gives them confidence, whether that be to present a TV programme or day to day it's a really rewarding job.

If you love make up you will never get bored! Even after all the years I've been working with make-up I still look forward to that parcel of new make-up arriving! There's always new products and new innovations happening which keeps the profession fresh and at the forefront of technology.