Beware of Recruitment Scammers

So when you get offered a job like this you might not believe your luck and will be desperate to do whatever it takes to ensure you get on the next plane to your dream destination. Sorting out Visa’s and accommodation can be a daunting prospect, so when a potential employer offers to take care of everything for you, you might be all too eager to let them. But be careful of scammers! This also applies to those therapists or stylists looking to work within the UK from overseas.

Scammers will post vacancies on job boards advertising jobs for Beauty or Spa Therapists. The jobs will often offer excellent salaries with benefits and the promise a work permit being provided in order for you to emigrate. Applicants will provide their CV’s and probably will hear back with the good news that they have got the job!

They will then be asked to either provide the funds for the permit or the candidates bank details, as well as other personal details. Once the money has been taken out of the account then the job applicant is likely to never hear from the “employer” again.

These are some points to keep in mind:

  • In the hair, beauty/spa or aesthetic industries the trade test and interview are a vital part of the recruitment process as employers need to know your treatments are up to standard. Therefore if you are ever offered a job with a company and have not been asked to perform a trades test then this should be your first warning sign.
  • Job advertisers seldom, if ever, ask you to provide any funds for any reason. This should immediately ring alarm bells as soon as you are asked to pay for anything.
  • You should also not be asked by an employer to provide any personal details such as your bank account details. So if you are be very wary if the job on offer is actually genuine.
  • Finally, if you are uncertain at all, do your own research. You would rather take the time and effort now to look into the job thoroughly rather than regret anything later on. Search for the employer online, find their contact details and then give them a call to find out if the Hotel Spa had in fact recently advertised a vacancy for a Spa Therapist and if you have indeed been offered the job.

Don’t let this scare you away from applying for that dream job in the Bahamas, but always proceed with caution. If any alarm bells do start ringing then trust your instincts.

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