Bridal Make-up: Do’s and Don’ts

Everyone wants to look beautiful on their wedding day, but few people consider what that 'beautiful’ look is. For some who might be planning on having very cultural wedding their ‘beautiful’ will consist of heavy eyes with red and gold shadows and heavy lashes. And for some this is perfectly normal, accepted and even expected.

But for those of who have no cultural hang ups about bridal make-up, or who aren’t really ‘into’ make-up as a general rule or are just confused in general about what kind of a look to do this should give you some sort of direction.

As already stated, unless your bride has cultural expectations for their make-up they may not have a clue. But the key to Bridal make-up is looking like a ‘natural’ beauty, enhanced but not changed. So working with what your bride naturally has and going with only very natural and muted colours to make the look as glamorous or mute as you want.


On fleek. That’s all there is to be said. There are o two ways about eyebrows. The only natural thing that needs to be done with eyebrows is the size and maybe the shape. Otherwise keep them fleeky. Brows frame the face. Even if everything else falls apart – which it won’t- at least the brows will look beautiful which will still give your client’s face the general appearance of being well put on.

The eyes:

For a wedding you want to keep your client’s eyes, simple but dramatic. Simple in the sense that there isn’t too much colour, dramatic in the sense that they stand out.  Since the entire look should be kept neutral , the eyes should be the centre of the attention. The eyes should have either no eyeshadow or natural matt brown eye shadow that really only serves to define your eyes.

If  the bride really feels the need for a bit more glam, I’d say adding a light shimmering, (not glittering), shadow to your lid is fine. Gold shimmer is beautiful with all eye colours, but is particularly beautiful on green, blue and hazel eyes. Rust brown is also beautiful for blue eyes and silver and a light pinkish silver shimmer will look gorgeous to bring out blue eyes – but keep it at a shimmering lid, no cut creases, no glitter nothing too party glam.

What you want to focus on for this look is the lashes or liner. I wouldn’t recommend doing winged liner on your wedding. As beautiful as the look is, there is nothing natural about a long black line which extends half way to your brow bone. I’d say to make your liner noticeable without being overbearing, it would be best to keep your eyeliner only as thick as your natural lashes, not to extend too far beyond the eye, with no wing. Or, better yet, just use black or dark down eyeshadow around that area to give your eyes that  same dark outlined appearance, whilst still being softer than eyeliner. But what will make the ‘natural’ look all the more beautiful and more enhancing is eyelashes.

Even if your bride is not into make-up on a regular day I really think you should get a pair of lashes for your wedding. The right lashes add such a natural prettiness the face without looking over bearing, and if you’re going for the no shimmer eyeshadow look it is even more important that your lashes look dark and long and beautiful, to lift and frame your eyes on their own.

Try to go for long lashes rather than dense lashes, to keep with the natural looking. Mink looking lashes work best because they criss cross naturally and have a softer feathery look.

The Eylure Lux range is the perfect cheap option, because they are all faux mink so they have that very natural look but are also dense, long and a subtle glamour your eyes, whilst the dark lining brings out your eye colour.



Like your brows this will have to be on point. You can contour all you want, and contour whatever you want, seeing as it’s not colour, just shading and highlighting – just be sure not to make it look so dramatic that it looks like drag make-up. And if you want your natural beauty to stand out as much as possible, and to be subtly enhanced, it is really important that your facial structure, the canvas of your make-up, stands out as much as possible. So using a good contouring kit will help this. For darker skin tones it is always better to use cream contour in a colour that’s much darker than your own skin, stick foundations are always good for this, since powder contours do have the tendency not to show up on the skin alone. But they are good for topping up cream contour. For lighter skin tones, you can go either way, cream or powder, or both.


Some people like very little highlight, some people like to glisten. I think for your wedding it doesn’t matter either way, so long as you don’t look like a ball of light, especially if you’re going with the no eyeshadow/ neutral matt shadow look, the glisten adds a subtle and reliable dewy look because it doesn’t come of as oily, and can be controlled giving the bride that glowing look.


Nude. Nude, nude, nude. That’s all you need for the lips. You can go yellow nude or pink nude. But it has to be nude.

If you’re fair skinned, line them with a dark brown lip liner before coating them with a peach undertoned nude lipstick.

If you’re Asian/Arab/Latin, a dark liner with beige undertoned lipstick

For black women beige nude never really works. What does work is a dark brown lip liner, blended with a light nude pink ombre.


Lastly, the foundation. I know that it is common for some cultures to lighten the brides skin for her big day, but like I said if you have no cultural hang ups, it really shouldn’t be something you consider. The best way to have an enhanced make up look is to have as natural a foundation as possible. You want your bride to look like an enhanced version of yourself on your big day, and the first step towards achieving that is to be in your own skin, that has simply been perfected by make-up, not changed.

Listen, but take control:

This may seem contradictory, but it isn’t. It is the bride’s day. At the end of the day its them that will have to look back at their wedding photo. If they feel like you made them look bad, or that they need to make their own alterations throughout the day, that will affect their mood, their pictures and ultimately their opinion of you which means that they won’t recommend you to their friends a and its a stain on your rep. So you have to listen to them. But remember YOU are the make-up artist. And sometimes clients don’t always know exactly what they want. They are trusting YOU to make them beautiful. So that means you have to trust yourself and take control, and this guide should be a good starting point.

Remember this is their wedding day. It’s not a fashion show, or party. It’s a time for the bride to show off THEM. Who THEY are. What THEY look like, not what they wish to look like. So when they look back at their wedding photographs they will be able to say, ‘ look how beautiful I was’ not ‘look how beautiful I was made to be’.


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