Brow SOS with Debra Robson Lawrence

Debra Robson Lawrence;

"Eyebrows are the primary architecture of the face, and play a dominant role in establishing facial expression. Eyebrows not only suggest a variety of moods, but can also show your age, emotional reactions and state of mind. If they are too thick, too thin, or arched incorrectly, you can look tired, depressed, angry, or surprised."

Debra Robson Lawrence is renowned as the best in the business and to create the perfect brow she developed her own FAME® technique. Using this, Debra gently and precisely implants custom blended colour into the skin's dermis with a very fine needle. FAME® allows Debra to perfectly shape and restore brows to their full potential while she creates micro fine strokes that resemble each individual hair.
Debra Robson Lawrence;

"I see so many brow disasters caused by over plucking or shaving and even worse when the inexperienced client then pencils her own sometimes scary shape!

The surprised or startled look is avoided by placing the peak of the arch closer to two thirds out instead of in the centre of the eyebrow, and not over exaggerating it.

If the tail is too short, the brow looks unfinished or like part of it was wiped off accidentally. The tail should not be too long either - some people extend them way out through the temples like in the 1930's this can age a person"

She continues;

"Brows should be a little thicker at the beginning, gradually taper towards the arch and continue tapering to the end. They should be a classic design to suit the face shape. The beginning of the eyebrow should be in line with the inner corner of the eye, and should not have a downward hook that makes the brow look like a tadpole or golf club! That look closes in the eye and makes it look smaller. Eyebrows that are flat and angled up towards the temple look like arrows pointing to something, or Dr Spock from Star Trek!"

Brows speak volumes about you, so make sure yours are making the right statement! A semi-permanent brow treatment, when applied by an experienced practitioner can look real within millimeters of the forehead and take years off the face. Results can last up to 12 months with a confidence boost that can last a lifetime!

Brows Perfection (hair simulation using FAME technique) from £395

Advanced Brow Perfection (advanced hair simulation for total hair loss) from £450

For further information: 0845 230 2021

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