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Entering the medical field is one of the surest ways of finding a secure career. Society will always need medical help. The medical field is constantly changing, with new spurts of job growth every day. What is one of the hottest career trends? Lasers, Nurse Skywalker.

Maybe attending laser school won't be as exciting as watching Star Wars, but with the career income you'll be able to afford endless sci-fi movies…

Laser Schools are popping up everywhere. The training is relatively short compared to other medical training, and the resultant career choices offer some nice pay. Laser Certifications are awarded to students who successfully complete the laser program. Then comes the bevy of career choices: Use lasers to sculpt bodies, remove acne, veins, and more.

Do you like to make people beautiful? If you are already in the beauty field, but would like to earn more money, laser training could be a wise choice. It could be a second career for hairdressers or spa specialists. Laser training is another way of helping people.

Does the thought of using a laser on someone scare you? A friend of mine went through a brief bout of fear with laser use. After several years working as a masseuse and hairdresser, she decided to increase her income through laser certification. But after learning how powerful the lasers are, she started to get nervous. The thought of accidentally harming anyone terrified her.

Thank goodness her laser school trained her so thoroughly, that her fear disappeared. She became a confident and skilled laser specialist, able to help people with many procedures.

Today she holds a well-paid position in a spa. She actually has one of the best-paying jobs in a town with a depressed economy. Smart she is. She understood that to make herself competitive among other beauticians, she would need something special. Laser certification did that for her.

What about using lasers on yourself? One payoff to laser training is the ability to give yourself laser treatment. Cellulite? You'll know how to zap it. Don't like your body shape? Just laser it away. The expensive price of laser treatment is a non-issue if you are able to do it yourself. Think of all the money you'll save. Just don't go crazy and laser your face away.

Of course you can't laser your own face. Acne treatment would best be left to another professional, unless you are really good at handling mirrors… But with the connections you'll make at your laser school, you are sure to find a friend who will laser you at a discounted price, or for trade. You laser my face, I'll laser yours. Sounds like a nice exchange, doesn't it?

If you are still laser-shy, think of the miracle that laser eye surgery is. People who have had it are amazed. Just amazed. It's like their life starts over. Some of them could barely see before surgery. Lasers can do wonderful things for people. But what about the moral quandary of lasering someone's face to look drastically different? Are you just aiding their low self-esteem? Only you can decide if you want to be a part of that. However, many jobs within the medical field involve moral compromises. Consider the good you can do.

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