Career Progression within the Hair and Beauty Industry

Published on: 5 Mar 2016

The desire to progress within your career is an admirable quality to have. There are various sectors that one can move into within the hair, beauty and aesthetic sectors. Perhaps you dream is to pass your knowledge on to other beauty therapists and become a Beauty Therapy Lecturer. Or maybe you are a natural leader and know you would make an excellent Hair Salon Manager. Or have you always been fascinated with laser treatments and are passionate about furthering your aesthetic therapy skills? 

Whatever it might be, it might become frustrating for some with the realisation that it is not always an easy transition. The catch 22 situation is that employers often require previous experience; but how do you gain that experience to move into your desired field if no one will give you your dream job? 

But take heart because the good news is it is possible, it just takes hard work and perseverance from your side.


Have a career goal and aim for it

Don't be vague about where you eventually want to be in your career. Employers find nothing more disheartening than a potential candidate for their job who hasn’t applied because they are passionate about the role, but they merely want a change and couldn't be bothered what job they actually get. Don't sell yourself short, you deserve to wake up every day to a job that really motivates you. So decide what you love to do and put your energy into achieving it.  


Research beauty industry job profiles

We have never been luckier than to live in an age when information is literally at your fingertips! Use it to your advantage. If you want to become a Brand Manager, Makeup artist for theatre productions or a Field Sales Rep, use the internet to find out more about the job you would love to do. Speak to those within those roles and find out how they went about gaining the necessary experience to make the move into this role. 


Career progression takes time

Sometimes moving into something new can take time. It might take work on your part to prove yourself in the job you are currently in. A salon owner will notice if you are always willing to help, show initiative and come up with solutions to work issues in the weekly meetings. This will not go unnoticed and even if there is no opportunity for progression within you current company, your employer will be able to offer a glowing reference and you’ll have plenty of achievements to put on your CV. 

It may involve small steps. If your goal is to be a salon manager, you will firstly need enough experience as a Beauty Therapist to then move up to a Senior Therapist role, then progress to Assistant Manager and then Salon Manager. This may take many years so you must be willing to persevere as in the long run you will benefit from an excellent career history with lots of valuable experience. 

This is a small industry compared to others and networking within it can greatly benefit you. You never know if someone you met at the Spa Conference will keep you in mind when next looking for their brands next Area Manager. 

And lastly, keep your eyes peeled! Because you never know when your ideal job might be right here on


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