Careers at Sea for Hair Stylists

Published on: 16 Dec 2014

Many stylists may dream of taking off and travelling the world whilst still doing the job they love.....but for most it stays a dream! That's largely because they simply don't know where to begin!

Steiner would be a great place to start. Employing over 3000 hair and beauty professionals across the globe to work on board their luxury cruise liners, Steiner are always on the look out for quality hair stylists.

Hair and Beauty Jobs caught up with Alison Aspinall Mariosa, Hair Trainer with Steiner Training Ltd whose role it is to ensure that stylists are well prepared for their spell at sea.

Having herself completed many Steiner contracts she knows exactly the requirements and what life is like on board. 

Essential reading for any stylist with a burning desire to sail the seven seas!

Q. What led you to becoming a trainer for Steiner Training Limited?

I had completed 5 Steiner contracts, 3 as a Hairstylist and 2 as a Manager and was looking for a land based position, whilst still remaining with the company.  I became aware of the Hair Trainer position and because I had teaching experience previous to working with Steiner the role came along at the right time to further my career

Q. What are the key responsibilities of your role?

To prepare hair stylists for the demands of a hair salon onboard a cruise ship, teaching them new treatments exclusive to the ships and showing how excellent service can develop revenue and make them successful.

Q. What would a typical working day be like for a Hair Stylist onboard a cruise liner?

A typical day starts early at 7.30am for a team meeting. Guests will arrive at 8am and continue through until 8pm. During the day the hair skills needed will vary. The services are similar to land base but time keeping is essential and the finish style must be firm enough to last the evening. Your column is your own although working in a team and cross promoting is fun and rewarding

Q. What are the minimum requirements that you look for in stylists that you hire?

They need to be certified in their skill with an internationally recognized qualification.  From UK based hairdressers we need to see a minimum level of NVQ level 2. The Hairdresser needs to show passion and enthusiasm for the job. All round hair skills are essential to working with clients from all-over the world.

Describe the personal qualities that are essential in any stylist working on one of Steiner’s onboard salons

The stylist needs to be adaptable, friendly and hard working. The first day of a cruise is most important therefore presentational skills are an advantage. Appearance and public speaking plays an important role in promotion.

Q. What are the particular hair treatments and service levels a stylist must be able to offer before they will be released to work on board a cruise liner?

A Hairdresser needs to be a complete all-rounder, competent in Ladies and Gents hairdressing and skilled in hair up and blow-dry. In addition we will train you in some extra services we offer on board.  

Q. What are the biggest challenges that you face in your role?

Hairdressers often specialise in one area of hairdressing so development of other skills is needed. If English language is limited, teaching can at times be challenging.

Q. How can stylist’s best prepare themselves for being successfully accepted by Steiner?

They need to be commercial with at least I year all-round work experience and confident working without a supervisor with Ladies and Gents hairdressing and ready to stand up and speak to groups of people.

Q. What are the most rewarding aspects of your role?

Staff development, it is great to see returning staff updating their skills and growing from stylists to managers.

Q. Why would you recommend a career at sea?

Working onboard a ship allows you to develop as a person and grow within your profession. I would set yourself a goal of what you want to achieve in life. Working onboard a ship will likely help you reach many of your goals, whether it’s setting up your own business, travelling the world or taking challenges on your own. I would recommend to everyone for a safe and enjoyable way to work.