Cellulite or a Nightmare?

Even though the idea of wearing a bikini may give us shivers, we have to think about it. We're still on time to prepare our beach body.

Cellulite is every woman's nightmare so I thought I give you some information about it.

Causes of Cellulite

So what is exactly this "orange peel". Cellulite, also known as cottage cheese skin is an irregular pattern of connective tissue beneath the skin. Unlike what most of you think, this syndrome is not associated with being overweight. Even skinny Ms Beckham was pictured showing signs of cellulite.

The causes are poorly understood but there are several factors which effect cellulite. As usually we can blame it all on our hormones but although we ladies are more affected, even men have cellulite. Diet is another major factor and an exaggerated amount of carbohydrates, salt, alcohol, caffeine and sugar increase the build up of toxins which create a lumpy effect. Nicotine also has a harmful effect on our skin apart from most of the organs of our body.

Unfortunately Cellulite cannot be destroyed but there are several ways to control it.

Controlling Cellulite

Exfoliation helps to increase circulation and lymph flow breaking down the build up of toxins beneath the skin. One can use a body scrub 2 or 3 times a week and the skin appearance is improved.

Exercise does not only increase blood flow but can also burn the excess fat which causes cellulite. After some sessions at the gym, the skin is more plumped up making the orange peel less noticeable.

Anti cellulite Creams helps to reduce the signs of cellulite although the effect is very slow and some people expect the result instantly. Creams also help to moisturize the skin which shows less the appearance of cellulite than dehydrated skin.

Nowadays, there are several other cosmetic and salon treatments which one can benefit. Although there are proven results for these treatments, one is required continual follow up to maintain the results.

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