Choosing the Best Hairdressing Scissors

Published on: 27 May 2016

The best scissors for you may not be the best scissors for me; there are a few more factors to choosing than just wanting the best brand or the most expensive. Its about personal preference as well as comfort; style may come into it too. It depends who you are, what kind of hairdresser you are. Are you creative and keep up to date with current new styles, like to try every new cutting style and maybe create a few of your own and are probably working in a trendy up to date salon? Or are you working in a regular salon and want to stay up to date but aren't really into the more daring side of the idustry? Or maybe you are an older style hairdresser who enjoys sticking to the basics!

Whatever your style the right scissors for you personally will be a different choice.

Choosing Your Hairdressing Scissors

- The Scissor Specialist

When I buy new scissors, I would always recommend where possible going to a scissor specialist rather than a hairdressing wholesaler as they will be a lot more knowledgable about the product than your local wholesaler. They usually have a little knowledge about a lot of different types of products, colours, hair brushes, electrical equpment etc. A scissor specialist will be able to give you more advice about what is best for you. They will usually ask a few questions so they get a picture of what type of stylist you are. Size is also an important factor. And you may find depending on what kind of cutting you do that you need more than one pair of scissors to do the job the best you can which allows you to be more creative. This is especially true in the barbering industry.

- Scissor sizes

Scissors come in a varied range of sizes usually from 4.5 to 8 inches so there is quite a difference; again the scissor specialist will help you decide what is going to work in your favour and enhance your cutting skills. Smaller scissors are usually best for precision cutting as you take smaller cuts therefore its easier to be more precise. Longer, larger scissors are good if you do lots of blending scissor over comb work. I personally love my tiny scissors even though I have average sized hands as I feel more in control than when I have used longer ones in the past; but again this is a personal preference.

- Scissor Fit

Try before you buy - not literally, but make sure you handle the scissors you are going to buy. You need to open and close them and see how they feel;  make sure they aren't too heavy for you or too loose or tight around your finger and thumb. This is very important as if they are not correctly fitting this puts more pressure on your hands when you are cutting which can cause some uncomfortable and even painful conditions in the future. If you do find the perfect pair for you but they are slightly too loose around your finger and thumb you can actually buy a simple plastic insert to make them more comfortable for you and prevent any injuries. You can also choose different shaped scissors; some are straight handled and some are offset.

- Scissor Blades

There are a few blades types to be considered too; for example convex blades which are the sharpest type of blade with a razor like edge, bevelled edge scissors which tend to be lighter than other types. If you are left handed this certainly needs to addressed too as you will be far more comfortable with the blades around the right way and this will also help to prevent those nasty conditions that can arise in a hairdressing career - left handed scissors do exist and are a must if needed.

The Japanese are famously known for making the best blades and are certainly the best quality on the market. I have always choosen Japanese brands as I believe you can feel the difference. There are so many brands on the market so I wouldn't factor that in until you have looked into what suits your style and feels most comfortable for you first. I think size is probably the first choice and then work forwards from there dependant on your budget of course as the prices will vary massively. Scissors can vary from around £10 up to around £800 and even more in some cases so budget for what you can afford and then go to see a scissor specialist - if you don't have a local one you can call an online scissor specialist but I would only do this for advice purposes.

- Finger Rest

Another thing to consider is a finger rest, I personally dont like them and the scissors I'm currently using did actually have one when I bought them but I have unscrewed and disgarded it as I dont find it comfortable at all, but again its what you are comfortable with as we are all different!

Purchasing your Scissors

Once you've made your selection establish if your local hairdressing wholesaler sells them as I would never recommend buying any scissors without first knowing what they feel like in your hand. If you have no option but to buy online then I would make sure that they except returns easily incase they arent what you expect when they arrive (I don't necessarily mean poor quality I mean they maybe too heavy for your small hands or too light for your huge hands.....I'm sure you get the picture!) - this is vitally important for your career - the right scissors are the investment you will make towards your career so please choose wisely and get as much information and help as you can.

Looking after your Scissors

All scissors should be checked and serviced if needed about every 3 months but this depends how often you use them. I would always recommend that you take care of them yourself in between services, you should wipe them clean every day and always keep them in a case when not being used. Weekly oiling of your scissor blandes will also help to extend the life of them.

If you look after a well chosen good quality pair of scissors they will look after you and your career for quite a few years to come!