Choosing Which Skin Brands To Stock

Published on: 13 Sep 2017

Big names

Big/ popular names are always a good place to begin because they  are more likely to have been used by a lot of people and have reviews. So brands like Dermalogica, Lo’real, Bioderm, Glamglow and Jan Marini are likely to have customer reviews which will help you choose which products are the best to stock. These reviews may also help sell the brand in your own salon, because customers usually feel they can trust reviews and may feel more inclined to buy it from you if a product has a good review.

Obscure Names

But, for some, big name are not a sign of quality.

Popular brands are good, but as a salon you will be expected to know about more than the popular brands and customers will expect you be able to recommend both high and low end brands to suit their needs.

Names like Thayers, Alpha, Peter Thomas Roth, Oskia or May Lindstrom are likely to capture the attention of customers partly because it gives the impression that 1) you know your brands, 2) you care about the customer enough not simply to try and sell them the products which are best  sellers, but to actually sell them products which will be of benefit to them regardless of how obscure the brands are.


Don’t stock a bunch of products for combination skin and assume you’re in the clear. Different people with different needs will come into your establishment and you will need to be able to cater to them all.

Sell the Products You Use on Clients

If you give treatments at your salon, your clients will automatically trust what you do to their face, and if they can feel and see the difference you have made to their face they are highly likely to buy the products you recommend.

Sell the Products YOU use at Home

Lastly, stock products YOU know and trust. If you know a brand it will be easier for you to sell it and easier for you to make that your starting point. And if you know and use a brand yourself, you’ll believe in it. Furthermore, if you believe in a brand, you will be passionate about it and you will be able to prove to your clients why certain products are worth buying.


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