Could 'Integrated Health' be the Spa of Tomorrow?

I suppose the first question is how did you get from professional football to running a clinic?

The idea actually came from 2 ladies talking (now there's a shock); they happen to me my wife Racheal and Michael Owen's mother, Janette. Due to the intensity of the environment, professional football has a 'shelf life' and they were brain storming the idea of working together and things that Michael could become involved in.

Michael very much looks after his family and he wanted the business in some ways, to look after his family. I met Ritchie Partridge, fellow Director, married to Lesley (Michael's sister) at Liverpool Football Club, where I'd worked as a physiotherapist for 7 seasons. Ritchie decided that physiotherapy is the route he wished to pursue post football and so we felt a clinic that involved this would be a start and something Ritchie could grow into.

What is the philosophy of the clinic?

Total integrated healthcare for every age group, delivered with five star service levels in a luxurious environment.

So, what does that actually mean? What happens at the clinic?

Although I hate the expression, 'everything under one roof', that's probably the best description.

Our brand proposition is split into 3 areas; the Clinical Zone "fix me I'm broken", the Care Zone "Make me look better" and the Complementary Zone "Keep me feeling better".

Clinical covers, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, laser vein removal, osteopathic and all things with a medical steer. The Care Zone covers a full range of services and therapies such as Shapemaster inch loss, Skin Genesis non surgical cosmetics, personal training, nutritional advice, weight loss and our very popular colon hydrotherapy. Finally our Complementary Zone covers Aromatherapy, reflexology, homeopathy, reiki, Indian Head Massage and the more holistic treatments entering the market place now.

The Care Zone sounds fun; we always need to look better. Tell us more!

Knowing that many people want to look great but have very little time in which to achieve this, we have partnered with a company called Skingenesis. They introduced a fantastic concept called Skingym, which is an effective 40-day rejuvenation programme offering a series of specialist peels, microdermabrasion, masks and fillers. Alongside that, our treatment list range from teeth whitening to mesotherapy. It's funny but for this particular programme we have found that 40% of our clients are men, with a large proportion being from the Asian Community hair removal being the most popular option.

Do you think being such a multi faceted business works?

It's perfect, especially in 'Care'; people can concentrate on feeling great inside and out! We find some of our clients come to us to undergo a full 'makeover'. They may seek help with weight loss from Lesley from Sure slim or work out with our great Personal Trainer, Terry and then face and makeup complete the job!

We also have great cross referable from our community of ladies who tone up in the Shapemaster 'Feel Good factory'. We often find our beautician Sarah, not working on her inches but carrying out interactive skincare workshops.

One question that many people will be wondering is the staffing implication; how do you find the diverse therapist required to carry out so many services?

Naturally, is always a good start for beauticians, aesthetic clinicians and holistic therapists. Because of the nature of our offering, we are very stringent when it comes to recruitment and training. It is quite a difficult task, but it's evolving and we're finding more exceptional people as we go along.
The ladies amongst us will be wondering if Michael carries out the treatments; how would we concentrate?

We would love Michael to spend that much time in the clinic; unfortunately Newcastle United and England FC see to it that he's often 'busy'. Michael is an excellent ambassador for the clinic and works within the community to promote 'Wellness' especially amongst children. He provides real inspiration and we are proud to have his support and involvement.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Treat others as you wish to be treated both from a clinical and service point of view.

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