Create a Hair or Beauty Portfolio

Published on: 3 Mar 2016

If you're a qualified hair stylist, make-up artist or nail technician or have some other occupation that involves enhancing your client's appearance or creating bold fashion statements then make sure you start building and keeping a portfolio of your work. It could do wonders for your next job application!

Sure trade tests are common in our industry and you could argue that you can simply show off your talent during one of these but with so much competition in the market you need to stand out right from the moment you apply to a job. A visual portfolio of your job winning hair styles will definitely get you through to interview stage and show you are willing to go the extra mile.

Don't hide your amazing work -  Showcase it!


Tips for Creating your own Portfolio

  • Get some volunteer models who relish having their hair, makeup or nails done!
  • Ask your 'models' to sign a release saying you own the photos
  • Where possible get a professional to take your pics
  • Choose an assortment of photos that highlight your versatility and will appeal to different tastes
  • Neutral backgrounds are less of a distraction when showing off your work. 
  • Take close ups where possible for good impact
  • Crop images when you want to focus on a particular feature of your work
  • Try and choose photos that look good sitting side by side
  • Experiment with different angles and poses
  • Remember to update your portfolio regularly. A good portfolio is always work in progress


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