Create the Look: 2014 Beauty Trends

However there are always some staple looks that should be in everyone’s make-up wardrobe and definitely in the repertoire of every professional make-up artist. The more looks you can create will mean the more jobs you will be able to do. You need to be adaptable so being able to create the softest natural make up to a full dramatic look will show your versatility.

Here are a few popular looks

The no make-up look

Probably and surprisingly one of the most difficult looks to achieve as you need to get the balance right between perfecting the natural look but using a reasonable amount of make-up whilst keeping it looking like it’s barely there!

The most important part of this look is a flawless, natural-looking skin. If you can see the base it will completely ruin the whole look. We all want to have perfect skin and it’s much more flattering to give the illusion of perfect skin not perfect foundation, so choose a base that has cover but is lightweight, soft focus and blendable. Always start with a primer underneath to really begin that perfect finish and choose one that has a subtle glow to give the illusion of a natural luminosity to the skin.

Keep eye make up to a minimum and accentuate the eye softly with a neutral eyeshadow that will colour correct any natural redness or darkness on the lid. Next choose a darker shadow and use this to contour the socket line to create a hint of definition. Use this colour to softly line the upper lash line to create a natural fuller lash. Finish the eye with mascara, using 2 thin coats and make sure to brush through with a clean wand after to separate the lashes so they don’t appear clogged and stuck together.

Frame the eyes with a natural soft brow, brush through with a comb and then very lightly fill in any gaps with a brow powder to achieve a very natural looking finish.

Keep the blush to a natural soft pink or peach dependent on the lip colour you will use and place this where you would naturally blush so on the apples of the cheeks and gently sweep upwards onto the cheek bone. Finally finish with a soft lip colour to add a hint of colour.

The Feline

A gorgeous, classic look that can range from a subtle ‘kitten’ flick to a full on exaggerated ‘cat’ eye!

The key to this look is practice! Try using different formulas of eye liner to see which one you find the easiest to master as everyone is different. You can choose from kohl pencils to liquids and gels and felt tip type pens.

One way to practice this technique is to start with a pencil. Make sure you have a sharpish point, not too sharp that you may poke your eye out, but a blunt rounded pencil will only achieve a blunt messy line and for this look you need precision.

I like to start this look by drawing my line along the upper lash line, as you would with a regular look, then decide how subtle or dramatic you want the flick to be and with your eye open draw a soft line from just before the end of your outer lash line angled up towards your outer brow. Keep this line soft to begin with so you can correct any mistakes easily.

Stop the line when you are happy with the length, you can always extend it for more drama later if you change your mind. Then do the same on the other eye keeping both flicks equal length and angle. Once you are happy with the shape join the top of your original lash liner with the flick so you achieve a fine line from the inner corner gradually widening towards the middle and joining the flick tapering off at the tip of the flick.

When you have achieved your perfect flick you can go over the original pencil line with a liquid or gel to add definition and make the line bolder. You can add false eyelashes to really accentuate this line too.

The Classic Smokey Eye

One of the most requested looks for any make-up artist! The smokey eye never goes out of fashion.

It’s a great look to wear if you want to play up your eyes and add some drama for an evening out. Remember smoky is the technique not the colour so be bold and experiment with colour too; you don’t have to stick to black and grey for a smoky eye.

When doing this look I always start with the eye make-up before foundation as if any colour drops, which inevitably it does, it’s easier to clean up under the eye without ruining your base. Remember you want the look to be sultry and sexy and not look like you haven’t had enough sleep with dark shadows under your eyes so keep the under eye areas clean.

Begin with a good eye primer to ensure you have a smooth long lasting base. For this look I find cream or powder shadow works equally as well, it’s a matter of preference. Begin by using a mid-tone shade to apply a wash of colour all over the eye lid up to the brow. Next use the dark shade of choice and smudge along the upper lash line; gradually extend the colour over the eyelid keeping the emphasis on the outer corner and socket line then blend well.

Repeat this step until the desired depth of colour is achieved. Line the lower lash line with a smudged powder line using the deepest shade, use a kohl pencil to line upper and lower lash line, smudging to soften and then on the upper and lower inner water line to create a strong finish. Apply lashings of mascara and finish with a strong brow to complete the look.

Spring/Summer 14 trends

Big news this season is definitely the bright lip, particularly orange. You can adapt this by using a coral or peach shade if you find orange too bright and consider a matte texture lipstick which is really on trend.

Pastels are proving popular too, think pretty pinks and soft hues of blue. If you really feel brave you can co-ordinate your hair colour too!

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