Create your Beauty Industry Video CV

Published on: 3 Mar 2016

When it comes to looking for your next hair or beauty job why not consider creating a video CV to make available to employers as part of your job application. It could make your application stand out favorably from other candidates by showing you're willing to go the extra mile.  And create a good enough impression and you'll be walking your way into loads of interviews.

With Youtube or Vimeo housing your video CV all you need do once you've created and uploaded your video is provide a link along with your job application that employers can in turn click onto and view. It's easier than you think! And remember you can control who views your video CV so don't worry about being visible to the whole wide web.

We've included some handy tips below if you want to have a go:

Your Video CV - Tips and Advice


  • Research other video CVs on the web for ideas on what works
  • Use a good mobile phone or video camera.
  • Locate a suitable uncluttered background to film against
  • Take time beforehand planning what you're going to say and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!


  • Keep background noise to a minimum
  • Dress in appropriate interview style clothing
  • Keep your presentation short - 3 min max

. Look straight at the camera whilst speaking
  • Relax! Speak slowly and clearly
  • Introduce yourself; be personable, positive and most of all be your wonderful self!
  • Don't just read off your CV, try and speak naturally
  • Focus on what makes you a fantastic candidate to hire, your skills, experiences & aspirations
  • Look straight into the camera when you're speaking
  • Thank the viewer for their time


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