Creating a CV for Hair and Beauty Roles

What's a CV?

CV stands for “curriculum vitae”, which, loosely translated, means "the course of my life." And like any other job-related document, it's vital to pay close attention not only to the content of your CV but also how you present it. This is particularly important as jobs in hair and beauty often focus on the importance of presentation.

What do I put in my CV?

Your CV should contain your name, address and contact information at the very top of the page. Contact information can be your phone number or email but it's wise to include both. Below your contact information will be your introductory profile. This is a short sentence or two describing your goal behind the CV and why you hope to achieve it.

Candidates in hair and beauty roles require good character and a strong personality. The ability to work with and tolerate people from all walks of life is important. When crafting a CV for a position in these areas, it is often best to lead off with a summary of relevant skills and knowledge. Be sure to highlight your practical skills, history of creativity, customer service and people management skills. It’s also a good idea to showcase your knowledge of fashion and changing trends in hair and beauty.


Taking a Stylist role as an example, the “standard” qualification is an NVQ Level 2. If you’re aiming for a managerial-level role, an NVQ Level 4 is usually expected. However, bear in mind that many renowned Stylists do not have any qualifications and instead gained their expertise “on-the-job”. If you’re just starting out, qualifications and experience can be obtained through an apprenticeship.

Ongoing personal and professional development is important for jobs in hair and beauty. Fashion and beauty trends and techniques are constantly evolving, and being able to show that you’ve kept pace is important.

Standing Out

In order to get the job you want, you'll need to envision your potential employer sitting at his or her desk scrutinising dozens of CVs that look virtually identical. If you were the employer, what would you want to see in order to make one candidate stand out? What training, or job skills would make a CV jump off the pile and scream, "Pick me! Pick me!"

Pay Attention to Detail?

Now that you've got your CV together, go over it with a fine-toothed comb for any spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. Have a friend versed in these particulars go over it also. Nothing ruins a great list of accomplishments faster than misspelled words and clunky writing. You're expected to pay attention to detail as a stylist, right? Follow the same rule in your CV, take the time to include those special things that will make you stand out, and hit the pavement. Your next salon could be just around the corner!


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