Dalton beaute de la mer

The DALTON BEAUTÉ DE LA MER skincare system is based on the effectiveness of the CELUMER CELL ACTIVE MARINE EXTRACT - EXTRAIT DE CAVIAR - a composition of STURGEON CAVIAR (fish eggs), MUSSELS, OYSTERS WITH SHELLS, ALGAE and PLANKTON. This combined marine extract contains vitamins, lipids, proteins, minerals and trace elements.

The MARINE-minerals and trace elements are purely NATURAL and almost identical to the structure of human skin cells. The following comparison confirms this theory: The fish in the sea is swimming in a similar salt solution like the baby in the womb.

The special, fantastic and unique effect leads to penetration of the skin barrier and works at that place, where skin problems arise

From Inside to Outside in 2 Phases

    1.  DETOXIFICATION through minerals and trace elements.
    2.  NUTRIFICATION through vitamins, lipids and proteins.

The EXTRACT activates the metabolism and supplies energy to the skin cells. The result is a natural anti-aging effect.

After using our products you will see positive results - skin is naturally "lifted" and will have a fresh, radiant and youthful appearance.

We offer a complete product range for all skin types and ages, including cabin treatments and homecare products. We also provide full training in the use of DALTON BEAUTÉ DE LA MER products.

For more information, please visit our website www.dalton-cosmetics.co.uk or write to us at info@dalton-cosmetics.co.uk

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